The most loyal signs of the zodiac

Love Aries does not allow even the thought of betraying his beloved – he will be faithful as long as his feelings don't grow cold or woman will cease to interest him. As to deceive Aries considers beneath his dignity, about the change he tells himself.

Not looking for fame of Casanova and Calves – but they are quite long to choose your mate and do not hurry with the choice of the one and only. But Taurus, which is found the woman will be faithful to her, because this sign does not like change and thinks its a couple of essential part of their life.

Also famous for its constancy of the virgin, which almost do not risk expensive they relationship for a fleeting affair. However, if a man is a virgin still dare to commit adultery, the woman is unlikely to know about it from him, because Virgo are very careful and ability to keep his mouth shut.

The stars don't always decide which zodiac signs are faithful and who is not – it so happens that even the most fickle signs are faithful to their love life – and Vice versa.

Regular partners are considered and the Lions, who consider it treason unworthy occupation. Besides, having an affair is perceived a Regal Lion as the recognition of his error in choosing a life partner.

Most unfaithful zodiac signs

Gemini can easily change your partner, without even particularly trying to hide from his partner the fact of walking to the side. They do not know how to cheat and infidelity can easily choose the one who is well aware of their half, as the conscience of the Twins problems hardly arise.

Known for its restless inconstancy Archers, which is constantly tormented by a thirst for romantic adventure. The main reason for their change is the ease and spontaneity of nature archers – they don't perceive the adultery as a bad thing.

Women for unfaithful zodiac signs is, first and foremost, the vertices that need to win and go home or for new experiences.

Not differ faithfulness and Aquarius – their independence and unpredictability often pushes this token to the convergence with another woman. Aquarians need variety, so his partner is most often very different from each other. If the partner of Aquarius will constantly suspect him of cheating even in the absence of such, sooner or later, Aquarius embodies these suspicions into reality.