The nature of man-Gemini

Men born under this Zodiac sign, have a light character and wit. They are characterized by sociability and desire for leadership. These men have a passion for a truly crowded and noisy companies, and they are trying to instantly be the center of attention. They easily make new friends and can like different people.

How to conquer a man's heart-the Twins

To please a man born under the sign of Gemini, the woman in any case should not openly show him affection. If you are going to shoot eyes, give a sweet and seductive smile and look at him with undisguised adoration, you are unlikely to attract it. The fact that such representatives of the stronger sex too much like oboyatelny and fans, so behaving in this way, you will never be able to stand out from the crowd and be special to him.

Try to be no one else like. Once you have decided to win the heart of a male Twin, you immediately have to abandon the usual methods of seduction. In it, they won't work. Banal and hackneyed phrases can quickly alienate you from this guy.

Not to strike in a dirt the person, in advance come up with interesting topics for conversation with a desirable male. Need not fine-tune anything you say. Let the conversation develops gradually. Remember that one topic can quickly become bored with this person, so you should be a number of prepared stories.

When you understand that man-Gemini drew attention to you, you can stop the conversation with him, and carried away by someone else. No doubt, he take the initiative to return the favor. Do not immediately Express your interest in him a little Pokoleniye and show doubts about their interest in it.

You should be able to win the male Twin, if you are erudite, well-read, funny and cheerful. He will appreciate your ability to listen and entertain his crazy actions. Be easy going and always ready to follow your chosen. Get ready for various surprises that loves to organize such a representative of the stronger sex. Appreciate the attention and do not ignore them. Only then can you become his trusted and faithful companion of life.