Sagittarius-male - active, bold, straightforward, optimistic and friendly. He is able to achieve their goals, wherever they were, but as a rule, to go over the head is not inclined and cruelty is no different. It is characterized by openness, generosity, friendliness, wisdom in decisions, but some superficiality. Love, like life for him is adventure. Although this sign is characteristic of honesty in behavior, women often build the illusion about the plans of Sagittarius against them. The fact that this very freedom-loving sign, so most of his relationships light, and short-term. After all, the man-Sagittarius need passion and variety, but if after a while passion gives way to calmness and predictability, he loses interest and becomes bored. Conclusion - it needs a passionate and unpredictable woman who will be able to maintain the interest.
Often in a marriage, the man-Sagittarius comes at a Mature age, after a long walk. And it approaches this decision seriously. But in any case it will not be a homebody and doesn't like it when the woman considers him with his property. The house must be free of tension atmosphere so that the Archer did not want to pack your things and run.
Sexual component in the relationship for Sagittarius is very important, he likes to plunge into a sensual experience. This leads to the fact that it can occur simultaneously with several girls, especially in youth. But because of its straightness, it is difficult to hide the cheating, and often his partner finds out about them. And since not every woman is willing to share her man with the opponent, then the couple breaks up. It should be noted that if after the first night Sagittarius continues to meet with the girl, so he decided he could trust her. He again and again to meet with anyone.
Notorious, boring and jealous ladies not the taste of Sagittarius. He prefers relaxed, spontaneous, sociable, inquisitive girls with a good sense of humor. And here I have to give him credit - he is able to assess not only women's visual appeal, but also the mind. It is important that the partner was for him above all other, had common interests, were in one circle, can support intellectual conversation, because to talk Sagittarius loves. He will be happy with her together to do something fun, to experiment and to travel. Thrift women for it is much less important.