Fish lovers try to surround partner with warmth and care. At the same time, because of their sensitivity, they are sensitive to the most minor claims. They think that if the partner is dissatisfied with something, so he doesn't like. Although it may be in the difference of tastes. But Fish do not accept any arguments, they simply pour their grief into the pillow than to listen to why your partner something not like it.
Fish that are in love, need ongoing evidence of the senses. They need a partner constantly confessed his love, had signs of attention, was jealous. Without this Fish does not believe in the seriousness of the relationship. And they behave accordingly - jealous, surround with care and attention (often excessive), constantly talking about love. This behavior often scares partners. And Fish, knowing this, carefully compensate for this lack with their sexuality and sensuality. They become soft and pliable, partner simply can not long be angry with such lovely fish.
Lovers Pisces are very romantic and make a beautiful unusual date. This sensitive sign is endowed with an extraordinary imagination, he can always come up with something new. Partner will not be bored at the meeting with fish. Even a simple dinner at the restaurant the sign is converted into the original love ritual.
Fish often lack the perseverance to love someone who doesn't reciprocate. They quickly stop trying, if you see that a person does not need their attention and care. Therefore, it is not necessary to torment the lovers of Fish. If you see that the representative of this sign shows attention to you - answer it. Believe me, Fish is one of the most loyal and reliable signs. At the same time they respect and appreciate your partner. And if they're in love - able for him a lot.