Calm romantic Taurus will never consult with family and friends in the choice of its second half, having found her one day, he will bring it to the top of bliss covered flowers, gifts and compliments, completely breaking the defense of the elect or chosen one.

Harmony Zodiac sign

Venus gave these people a passionate love of beauty and harmony, therefore, endowed with an exaggerated sense of beauty, Taureans as charming and varied in their impulses.

The bulls are able to turn your life into real unearthly tale, to show the wonders of imagination in the matter of intimate relations.

Such a warm, cozy, loyal and home Taurus is able to be real tyrants, wanting to protect yourself from fatal mistakes. Insecure and overly sensitive, they do not tolerate the pressure from the side of its second half, are very scrupulous neatness and thrift partner, criticized for unnecessary spending even in the period of maximum love.

A Taurus is better to choose the tactics of restraint and naturalness: if your spouse was born under the sign of Taurus, it is not necessary to force events, press, and especially to focus on their past relationships, responsive and friendly Taurus reciprocate only to people, echoing them in unison in all the issues of life, able to wait. There is a saying: "know the Calf is to give the APR in may to podivat" she perfectly reflects the character of the people-Taurus. They can start in April, but I will finish it only in may, and this does not mean that they are slow rather extensive.

Leash for Taurus

Be thoughtful and considered, because a stable relationship - that's what Taurus is looking for from their partner, which is why Aries and Taurus is the best fit for creating strong family relationships and are constantly seeking rapid and Gemini, trying to break from a familiar spot, not the best suited and domesticated representatives of this sign.

Scorpio the opposite of Taurus can make a good couple with polar sign, able to make concessions for the sake of achieving a harmonious and stable relationship, but claiming the leadership of Aquarius and Leo, rather, would undermine the already shaky egos and demanding characteristic of Bulls. Pisces can become good partners for Taurus, but on the condition that they would not pull the blanket over himself and give the lead partner.
Taurus are proud, but, as a rule, has a significant number of complexes, and therefore partner must be considerate and careful. Just to hurt the Calf, but the cure...

Sentimental owner and homebody Taurus create a great couple with a sign that will be able to offer him a calm and conservative, but not too boring relationship, along with boundless loyalty and understanding will provide some freedom for Hobbies and meeting friends, will give him a new incentive to move forward, however, not too pressing, and not playing his sincere feelings, endlessly appreciating and not causing unnecessary jealousy and doubt.