Advice 1: Required residence permit for employment?

Looking through the want ads with job openings, you can often see that the requirements of the applicant, and relates the presence of permanent registration in the area. This, of course, is clear – the employer does not want to look his employee in the entire country, especially if he is financially responsible. But such a requirement is contrary not only to the current Labour Code of the Russian Federation, but the country's basic law – the Constitution.
Required residence permit for employment?

What is registration

As such, the notion of propiska was introduced in the USSR in the late 20-ies of the last century and abolished in 1993, as contrary to the citizen's right to freedom of movement and choice of residence, stipulated in the Constitution. But, in fact, registration was replaced with registration by place of residence or stay is permanent or temporary, a stamp which is in the passport. Temporary registration is confirmed by the evidence.
To obtain a temporary registration at the place of stay you must do within 90 days from the time of arrival. It is your responsibility.

Therefore, if you do not have in this location a permanent registration, it is considered that you have no local residence. And, though the Russian laws do not discriminate on the basis of territorial or place of residence, some employers continue to violate them, indicating this requirement in the ad for employment.

What documents must present a candidate when hiring

Any citizen of the Russian Federation, regardless of where permanent or temporary registration, shall submit only the documents specified in article 65 of TK of the Russian Federation:
- passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or any other identification;
- work book, if work had not first;
- the insurance certificate of state pension insurance, if it was received before;
- citizens of military service, subject to call, must submit the documents of the military account;
- documents on education and those that confirm skills and qualifications.
Additional documents the employer is entitled to require when applying for a job only in some cases taking into account specificity of work, the requirement must be justified by relevant regulations.

Thus, a document certifying permanent residence or registration is not required for employment. According to article 64 TK the Russian Federation, its presence or absence should not be a cause of refusal to work. Direct or indirect violation of civil rights and freedoms are any requirements employers that are not related to business qualities of an employee. The employer has no right to deny you for lack of registration at the place of residence or worsen for this reason, the conditions of your work. Does not exist and regulations requiring employers to monitor the compliance by its employees the established rules of registration.

Advice 2 : Required when applying for a local permit?

The concept of "registration by domicile" appeared in the USSR in the late 20-ies of the last century. Stamp with address of residence determines in what city a person can live, where to work, in what clinic to address what kindergarten and what school to send children. If the person was not a residence permit, as it would not have existed without her, he was deprived of almost all rights guaranteed by the Constitution, including the right to work.
Required when applying for a local permit?

What is different registration from the registration

As contrary to constitutional human right to freedom of movement, residence as such was abolished in 1993. It was replaced by mandatory registration which may be temporary or permanent. The first is called "at the place of stay", the second "place of residence", that's it and continue to call residence.

According to the law "On the right of citizens of the Russian Federation to freedom of movement", any person, who arrived in Russia or living on its territory, must register, register or the old register at their permanent residence or where he is temporarily.

If a person came to the family, he must obtain temporary registration at their address, if came to rest, is by the address where he rented a room. It is believed that there are no restrictions permanent or temporary registration has not, and, under the law, when applying for a job, the employer is not entitled to put a condition on the mandatory registration.
Recently, the Federal migration service has drafted a bill abolishing all types of registration, including at his residence. In 2014 it is planned to submit this law to the State Duma for consideration.

What the law says and how it is actually

In article 65 of the Labor code clearly assigned a list of documents that the employer must provide employees, job seekers. Among them: a passport or any other identity document; work-book; pension insurance certificate; military service documents military records; and documents about the obtained education.

The law expressly prohibits employers to require any other documents. Article 64 of the labour code says that at the conclusion of the employment contract must not directly or indirectly limit the rights of the employee or, depending on sex, age, or race, or, depending on place of residence.

But, in practice, some employers take a direct violation of the law and even indicated in the announcements to work registration requirements at the place of residence.
This is particularly common in the capital and Moscow region.

The reluctance to hire non-resident, unfortunately, impossible to prove, if you just do not answer to the sent summary or deceived, and promised to contact after the interview.
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