The mandatory documents that the employee must show the employer's employment, in accordance with article 65 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation are:

  1. A passport or other document proving the identity. Passport data are specified in the employment contract.
  2.  Employment history. Is obyazatelnym document, except in two cases: if a person gets a job for the first time (when the employer himself makes him workbook) and if the person gets a part-time job (then his work book is kept at the main place of work).
  3. Insurance certificate of state pension insurance (SNILS). Also a required document when applying for a job, in case of the absence or loss of which must apply to the Department of the pension Fund for registration.
  4. Military registration documents - for persons liable for military service and persons liable for military service. It is a military ticket or registration certificate.
  5. The document on education and (or) qualification or availability of special knowledge - when applying for a job requiring special knowledge or special training. Thus, when applying for a job you have to confirm your education relevant document (diploma, certificate, or school certificate).

In some cases, if you get a job in the relevant institutions, you may be required to produce a certificate of presence (absence) criminal records and (or) the fact of prosecution.

The Labour code States that in some cases, the employer is entitled to require other documents. For instance, the driver applying for a job makes a driver's license and pass a medical examination.

You must provide the originals of all documents - employee personnel services verifies their authenticity.

Will answer the most frequently asked QUESTIONS on the topic.

- Is was a mandatory document when applying for a job?

- No, it is not. You cannot refuse to work due to the lack of INN.

- Can I get a job in a major city, if it is written on the passport in the region?

- Yes, you can. Article 64 of the labour code prohibits the refusal to conclude an employment contract by reason of the place of residence (including the presence or absence of registration at the place of residence or stay).

- I lost my work book - I can take to work?

- Yes, I can. In case of loss of employment record you must obtain a new work a new work book, or a duplicate.

- I am a student. What education documents do I need to provide when applying for a job?

- If you are currently a job are a student, provide a letter from the educational institution (the certificate on company letterhead with signed and stamped).

- Do I need when applying for a job to provide a variety of certificates of completed courses, trainings?

- Other qualifications are not mandatory when applying for a job, but if you have them, be sure to provide is a plus for you as a professional.

- Why you need a military ID when applying for work?

- First, labour law military card is a mandatory document when applying for a job. Second, any organization must maintain military records and submit data for each employee in the recruitment office, otherwise the management are threatening fines and regulations. If you lost your military ID, restore it to the military enlistment office at his residence.