Advice 1: What documents are required when applying for a job?

So, you get to work. What documents you must present to human resources? What to do in their absence?

The mandatory documents that the employee must show the employer's employment, in accordance with article 65 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation are:

  1. A passport or other document proving the identity. Passport data are specified in the employment contract.
  2.  Employment history. Is obyazatelnym document, except in two cases: if a person gets a job for the first time (when the employer himself makes him workbook) and if the person gets a part-time job (then his work book is kept at the main place of work).
  3. Insurance certificate of state pension insurance (SNILS). Also a required document when applying for a job, in case of the absence or loss of which must apply to the Department of the pension Fund for registration.
  4. Military registration documents - for persons liable for military service and persons liable for military service. It is a military ticket or registration certificate.
  5. The document on education and (or) qualification or availability of special knowledge - when applying for a job requiring special knowledge or special training. Thus, when applying for a job you have to confirm your education relevant document (diploma, certificate, or school certificate).

In some cases, if you get a job in the relevant institutions, you may be required to produce a certificate of presence (absence) criminal records and (or) the fact of prosecution.

The Labour code States that in some cases, the employer is entitled to require other documents. For instance, the driver applying for a job makes a driver's license and pass a medical examination.

You must provide the originals of all documents - employee personnel services verifies their authenticity.

Will answer the most frequently asked QUESTIONS on the topic.

- Is was a mandatory document when applying for a job?

- No, it is not. You cannot refuse to work due to the lack of INN.

- Can I get a job in a major city, if it is written on the passport in the region?

- Yes, you can. Article 64 of the labour code prohibits the refusal to conclude an employment contract by reason of the place of residence (including the presence or absence of registration at the place of residence or stay).

- I lost my work book - I can take to work?

- Yes, I can. In case of loss of employment record you must obtain a new work a new work book, or a duplicate.

- I am a student. What education documents do I need to provide when applying for a job?

- If you are currently a job are a student, provide a letter from the educational institution (the certificate on company letterhead with signed and stamped).

- Do I need when applying for a job to provide a variety of certificates of completed courses, trainings?

- Other qualifications are not mandatory when applying for a job, but if you have them, be sure to provide is a plus for you as a professional.

- Why you need a military ID when applying for work?

- First, labour law military card is a mandatory document when applying for a job. Second, any organization must maintain military records and submit data for each employee in the recruitment office, otherwise the management are threatening fines and regulations. If you lost your military ID, restore it to the military enlistment office at his residence.

Advice 2: What documents are needed for admission to a part-time job

Combining the two works will turn out far not at all – then sometimes one would cope! But nevertheless there are hardworking people who are forced or want to work part-time. The package of documents for a new employer is almost the same as in the main work, but with some exceptions.
Concurrent employment
Concurrent employment can be internal, that is, in the same company with the same employer. It is clear that for domestic part-time to produce additional documents is not necessary, just compiled an additional employment contract. But for part-time for another employer you need to show your passport and provide a copy of it.
About any workbook, of course, the speech can not go, she remained on the primary place of work. But if, sitting concurrently, you want to do this in the personnel record, get help with a second job and submit it to human resources at the main site. The entry in the workbook should soon appear. In addition, for the device to work part-time would be good to have a copy of the work book to interest a prospective employer their experience and seniority.
For some type of work may be required to present a diploma or other document on the appropriate education. This is especially true of complex works or intellectual labor with specific knowledge.
When applying for harmful or dangerous production, to work with heavy physical labor may require a certificate stating that your first job such difficult conditions deprived. Under the labour legislation the employer has no right to take the employee repeatedly for this kind of activity, if the employee has already taken them on the main job.
To work part-time are not required to show military ID, so this activity can be a good option for military service young men without a military ID.
Concurrently forbidden to take only minors, all the rest – if you agree with the main employer and find the necessary time to work part-time can.
The employment contract concluded with the employee in combination, may be for a definite term and indefinite. It sets both parties, the employer offers some form of cooperation, and the employee agrees or disagrees with her. Moreover, on a part-time job does not apply the provision of the Labour code stating that an employment contract should be the exception in the workplace, not the rule.
Holidays when you work part-time must be available simultaneously with the release of the main job, and he, too, must be paid. If the main job has come vacation time and at work part-time you have not fulfilled the prescribed six months, the leave must still be provided as if "in advance".

Advice 3: What documents are needed for interview

When hiring a new employee, the employer or personnel service specialists comprehensively assess the personality of the applicant. To provide a complete picture of the business qualities of future employees, conducted interviews, and studied the documents describing the candidate, confirming his experience and professional skills. What documents may be required for the interview?
What documents are needed for interview
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - military ID;
  • - summary;
  • - autobiography;
  • - documents confirming education;
  • - evidence of professional development;
  • - employment history;
  • - feature with former places of work.
Prepare a professional resume. This document should contain key information necessary for assessment by the employer of your personality, information about education, prior work experience, aptitudes and interests. Will include summary data about the places your work, schools that you graduated from. Specify the set of tasks which you earlier could do. It is desirable for the interview to have a summary in two copies.
Make an autobiography. In this document you can in any form to reflect the data about his life and professional experience. The autobiography is not always required, but in some cases its performance is mandatory. This document allows the employer to find out your level of proficiency in the written language and to evaluate the ability to Express their thoughts, what is considered professionally important quality for a number of professions.
Attach to the documents a certificate of secondary education, diploma of higher or specialized secondary educational institution. If you have a chance to improve their skills, participate in seminars and other events for training, bring with you documents confirming these facts.
Don't forget to bring to interview a valid passport and a work record. Military service also need a military ID. If employment history is under the current place of work, make a copy of it. Depending on the position for which you are applying, you may need a health book, driving license, passport or other documents of this kind. If you have work experience, make some characteristics from the previous place of work.
Make copies of all documents you take with you to the interview. They may need the employer for more detailed study. Get a special folder and put all prepared materials and documents. This will not only contain the papers are in order, but will give you a more solid look in the eyes of the employer.

Advice 4: How to apply for a medical certificate about state of health

Medical certificate about state of health – a document formally confirming or refuting the presence of any disease. Issued this document in medical institutions. But before you obtain this certificate, you must pass the examination of a number of specialists narrow profile.
How to apply for a medical certificate about state of health
A medical certificate is a necessary document that will require when applying for work, issuance of driving license, visiting sports clubs, when traveling abroad, when placing a child in preschool and educational institutions, as well as in sanatoriums and recreation centers.

Medical certificate when applying for a job

When hiring a guide may require a medical certificate about state of health. It is necessary in order to check the aptitude of a potential employee. Often in this case, it is issued a health book. In order to obtain personal medical book, you must contact a medical institution, and, above all, to get a referral for a medical examination. Next, you need to pass a number of tests and visit several doctors – specialists of narrow profile. After that, the practitioner will make the conclusion and make the necessary records and printing in the sanitary book.

In the case of temporary incapacity by reason of disease management also need to present a medical certificate about state of health. Such certificate is called a certificate of incapacity is issued on the day of establishment of disability by a physician to which the patient is turned. Sick leave can be issued and during pregnancy, quarantine, health treatment, and compassionate care.

Medical certificate about state of health of the child

Medical certificate about state of health of the child will be required at checkout to kindergarten or school. Most often it is the so-called personal health record. It is issued in the children's clinic as a pediatrician after the tests and medical examination the doctors narrow profile. Also in the personal medical card of the child includes all the information about vaccinations.

In case of illness you will need to provide proof of absences of the child for a good reason − simply put, a certificate from the clinic. It is issued by the pediatrician on the day of discharge from the facility.

Medical certificate for obtaining a driving license

When you get a driver's license required full analysis of the condition of the driver. This requires a medical certificate on the right in the traffic police, which has a certain form, approved by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. When issuing such certificates is strictly reporting. Without registration in the record book a medical certificate will be invalid.

Medical certificate on the right to the traffic police issued only in medical institutions licensed to conduct medical examination of drivers or potential drivers. When making such a reference is necessary to paste to it a photo of the recipient. Having a reference in the clinic, you will need to be examined by a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist, which, in turn, put in a help corresponding print confirming that the recipient of the certificate is not registered in the mental institution. Further medical examination is required from a number of doctors narrow profile. Then help put all the required stamps and signatures.

Medical certificate in the traffic police has limited validity. It is valid for 3 years, after which it will be necessary to undergo a medical examination.

Advice 5: How to draw the alien according to the patent in 2016

2015 changed the order of employment of foreign citizens. If informed they needed a work permit, but now some categories of migrants are required to provide patent.
How to draw the alien according to the patent in 2016


Who are referred to employment law changes

Recent changes in legislation do not cancel the work permit. They are still required to provide all foreigners coming from countries with which Russia operates a visa regime.

The patent applies to citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. On the basis of migrants can legally register to work. Importantly, the patent was designed to work at legal entities.

What documents are needed for registration in the state of entering without visa

When making a job a foreigner has to provide:

  • migration card with the working purpose of the visit;
  • patent;
  • passport;
  • the work book (in the absence of a Russian work book, it draws the employer);
  • the insurance certificate is also issued the first Russian employer);
  • the document on education (if the job requires a relevant qualification);
  • certificate of absence of criminal record (if necessary);
  • VHI, obtained from a Russian insurance company.

A patent should issue to the employee, the employer does not participate in this process. A patent is valid only in the territory of one region in which it is received. This means that you will not be able to employ a worker in Moscow on a patent issued in the Tula region.

Interaction with the FMS

Within three days after the conclusion of labor or civil law contract with foreign employer is obliged to notify FMS about it. This can be done in person or by sending the appropriate form in the mail. The same time allocated on the notice of dismissal of a foreign worker.

How to pay personal income tax on income of foreign employees

Workers for obtaining a patent are required to pay personal income tax for each month for which it is issued. The size of the personal income tax in each region of Russia is different. An employer who is a tax agent, should reduce the transfer tax on the amount paid by the migrant in advance. But first you should contact the FNS, where to get permission for the reduction and the amount of the paid advance.

Advice 6: What documents are needed to enroll in a prenatal clinic

For prenatal visits you need to prepare some documents without which the doctors do not have the right to give the patient any services.
What documents are needed to enroll in a prenatal clinic
You will need
  • passport, insurance policy, insurance pension certificate
Before you go in female consultation, and find out what clinic, what time takes the doctor. This can be done by phone or through the study of official website.
Make an appointment in advance. In most modern consultations provided for entry via the Internet. If this is not possible, you can do it on the phone. You can also enroll via the terminal or in the registry.
Before the initial application make sure you know what documents are required for registration in this clinic, obtain a pass to visit the doctor. Be sure to bring your passport. Without it, the registry staff do not have the right to direct the patient to the doctor. The same applies to the obligatory medical insurance policy.
The passport and the insurance policy must be presented at every visit to the clinic. Make sure in advance that the documents were in order. When changing jobs or modifying any other data please contact the corresponding Agency to replace the policy.
The first call in some advice bring SNILS. In some institutions it is required for the initial registration of the patient.
If you have any medical documents (results of examinations, ultrasound examinations of, or extract from a medical card), take them to the reception. The doctor may need information about previous illnesses.
If you wish to visit a certain female consultation, and in the passport the residence permit, in accordance with which you have maintained in another clinic, please bring a document confirming actual residence in the right area. This can be a certificate of temporary registration or even a rental contract.
Pregnant women can enroll in any female consultation. In public institutions they do not have the right to refuse service. If you are pregnant, and you don't want to make an appointment, contact the head of advice. Remember that no one should violate your rights.
Make sure that the passport was a stamp of registration. When changing the place of residence don't forget to notify the employee registry, leading to the appointment.
Useful advice
Going to the antenatal clinic, don't forget to take a disposable diaper and a change of shoes, and disposable gloves. In most clinics, these things used to bring.
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