You will need
  • - Internet;
  • documents.
Visit the Federal portal of managerial staff or information resource of the government of the particular region. Go to "Jobs". Find a suitable job offer. Clicking on it, go to the study information on working conditions. Please note the deadline for documents acceptance from applicants for the vacancy.
At the bottom of the page describing your chosen vacant posts, find the link "Contact information". There are specified postal address, telephone, email address and surname, name and patronymic of the person which is responsible for the selection of candidates for the post.
Prepare and submit specified person, the documents for participation in the competition for the vacant position. Among them: personal statement for admission to work; questionnaire with a photograph in a form approved by the Government of the Russian Federation; copy of passport; documents on education, work experience and qualifications; document about absence of the disease, which prevents the implementation of the civil service.
Wait for notice of the date, time and venue of the competition for vacant positions.
Will appear at the specified time at the specified address, to participation in the contest. Select the business style of clothing to best fit the image of a public servant.
During the interview with the competition Commission, which will assess your level and your compliance to qualification requirements, try to show their best side. In addition to the interview you and other candidates can participate in group discussions, pass questionnaires, tests, papers to write, etc.
The decision of the tender Commission will be made in your absence within 7 days from the date of completion of the contest. Find information about the contest on the official page of public authority on the Internet.
In case of victory in the contest to sign the proposed employment contract.