You will need
  • - two copies of the contract of purchase and sale of real estate;
  • - the cadastral passport;
  • - certificate about absence of debts on utility services;
  • - documents confirming the absence of other contenders for ownership of the house.
Check title documents for the house and land: they must belong to one and the same person.
Execute two agreements of purchase and sale: the house itself and the land on which it is located. Unfortunately, there are cases of fraud, when the impure into the hands of the seller, signed a contract for the sale of the house, "forgets" to renew the land. For the unsuspecting buyer in the future, this may result in many problems, including the loss of the house - it may be that the land on which the house built, had previously been transferred to another person. In this case, buying a home may be invalidated.
Make sure that the previous owners have no debt on utility bills. Certificates issued by suppliers of utilities and companies which accept payments for communal. If you don't check, you can become the owner of your dream home, but also a huge debt for utility services.
In that case, if the house was acquired by the person, at the time of purchase married, ask for the document confirming the consent of the spouse to property sales. This document must be notarized.
Check whether this house people who are temporarily drawn from it, however, retained the right of residence even if the owner of the house will change. This right is reserved for prisoners, conscripts, psychiatric patients, elderly people living in nursing homes and for children who are in boarding schools. Otherwise you risk to buy a house, "complete" strangers.
Make sure that third parties have no rights to the land and the house, namely the house no one rented is not under arrest and is not subject to judicial review, under its guarantee, no Bank loans. In addition, the apartment can be rented in the rent: in this case, after the death of the owner of the house will be delivered to the person paying the rent.
If the seller got the house by inheritance, check out if there are any other contenders for it.
Check out cadastral (technical) on. This document is available from BTI. It must include all buildings and structures located on acquired land. In addition, a cadastral passport must be the floor plan of the house with a detailed description of all the rooms, their purpose, size and other specifications.