In the largest universities of the Russian Federation organized different forms of training in the specialty "Russian as a foreign language". First, this student branch. Second, it is possible to learn a degree of RCTS in the master's degree after obtaining a basic education. Thirdly, the specialists philologists have the opportunity to improve their skills.

Philological faculty of Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov

At MSU elective specialization, as foreign students –philologists, starting with 3 courses. Students undergo teaching practice in groups of foreign students. You can continue the education in postgraduate study on a speciality "Theory and methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language or majoring in "Russian language". If you have higher philological education, if you wish, you will receive at MSU further education in the field of RFL. The University is the advanced training faculty for teachers of RCTS, specialization of Russian for philologists-specialists in Russian Philology, specialization of Russian for philologists-neurosystem.

Russian University of friendship of peoples

In the Russian peoples ' friendship University at the Department of Russian language and teaching methodology of the faculty of Philology can undergo advanced training in the specialty of RCTS. The main purpose of training – to deepen knowledge and enrich scientific and professional competence of the teacher. The basic program of faculty training RCTS: methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language, methods of teaching Russian as a second language, traditions and innovations in the professional activity of teacher of Russian language, testlog is a specialist in the field of educational measurement, and others In the people's friendship University, you can study at the master's degree with specialization "Russian as a foreign language".

State Russian language Institute. A. S. Pushkin

The Institute offers training in a magistracy on a paid basis in the specialty "Russian as a foreign language". Main discipline master's degree programs - history and theory methods of teaching RFL. At philological faculty it is possible to pass professional retraining, qualification "Teacher of RCT". The faculty training offers a variety of topics and timing of training courses and seminars. Will be able to participate in the summer school and scientific training of teachers of Russian as a foreign language according to individual plans.

Saint Petersburg state University

The University can receive a full education in the direction of "Russian as a foreign language". Students are offered the best training plan, which includes two foreign languages (English, German or French). Core courses for future specialists, as a foreign language: didactic description of RFL, methodology of teaching Russian language for foreigners, intensive teaching methods RCT, cultural linguistics. Familiarity with professional issues of teaching RFL is happening on the courses. There is the opportunity to undergo training in teaching practice with foreign students.

More detailed information can be found on the websites of the universities and institutes that offer to train in the specialty "Russian as a foreign language".