Think about which qualifications you must possess for career advancement – it can be a related profession which is in contiguous areas (for example, a lawyer and economist). If you decide to get a profession that has nothing to do with your first education, then you should justify the need for training from the economic point of view. The funds that you invest in getting a new profession (you can find the free training is practically impossible), should be recouped as soon as possible. Analyze the situation on the labour market, examine the statistics and evaluate your own strength – maybe it makes sense to continue study in graduate school or go on courses of improvement of qualification.
Choose a school – it should be a state University that has a good reputation and high ranking in training specialists of the required profile. Immediately rate associated important selection criteria of the University – the cost and duration of training, degree of remoteness from work and home, schedule of classes, etc.
Decide the form of education – you can study in person, in absentia, remotely. Full-time to working people is not acceptable, usually most students second education, studying in the evening. Sometimes the classes are held on weekends. Distance learning is not suitable for each specialty, as there are no practical classes. But the final form of assessment for students still takes place in the immediate presence of a student at the University, so convenient to learn remotely when you live far away from major cities.
Find out which items you can deduct – provide data to the Secretariat of the University (and where you studied a particular discipline, how many hours spent on studying it, what was the form of grades, etc.). If any of the disciplines you want to study more in depth, then immediately ask about the possibilities of the University – whether private interest groups, additional workshops, field conferences, etc. Read the rules and the need to practice and ask about the suitability of your workplace for these purposes.