You will need
  • For admission to the University must provide the admissions office:
  • - diploma of the first higher education institution;
  • - application for admission;
  • - passport;
  • copy of certificate of marriage, if the surname was changed;
  • - 4/6 photos 3x4,
You must contact the admissions office of the chosen University to apply with a specific list of documents. The list of required documents is defined by the University, it can be viewed on the website of the institution.
In admissions, you will be prescribed a form of surrender and the day of the entrance tests (exams, interviews or testing). Typically, the competition for admission to the second higher education is missing or is very small, so the likelihood is very high that you will enroll without obstacles.
After the announcement of the admissions results of enrollment, the applicant is obliged to conclude the contract within ten days (the period may be extended, voiced when applying) institution of higher education and pay in advance of the session for the first semester/year.
When applying for a second degree from the first diploma of higher education you have to read all the items that are the same for training and number of hours.
The training period is usually much smaller and is two to three years depending on the chosen qualification, it is substantially less than when the first education.
The method and approach of teachers to students taking classes a second time more practical, as people have come consciously for education. Education can be obtained by correspondence or remotely.