You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - willingness to learn;
Determine which direction you'd like to learn. For distance education a good fit, the Humanities – law, Economics, history, etc. of Such science, which requires a large number of practical exercises, probably, do not provide the ability of distance learning.
Search the Internet Universities in which you would like to get education. To proceed is not only prestigious and expensive education, but from the location of the University, as during training you will probably have to visit it several times. Please note, whether upon termination of training the diploma of the state sample.
Selecting the appropriate UNIVERSITY, find out what is the procedure for filing documents. In most cases, full information about required documents are available on the website of the University. Certainly the list will include passport, high school diploma, higher education diploma (if applicable), military service registration certificate or military ID, statement, photos. In order to apply to College, you can either go there in person or to send notarized copies by registered mail. Also, many Universities provided the questionnaire in online.
To pay for the first semester or year of study. Depending on your organization, you will need to do it either before or after submission.
Now you only have to install the necessary computer programs and to prepare for the new academic year, the mode of distance learning. You will be provided with the necessary learning materials and during the training you will participate in seminars, workshops and tests.