Advice 1: What is the age limit to higher education

At the moment to submit necessary documents for admission to the University can be found in mostly young students, eager to obtain first higher education. However, come to learn and those people who are already in adulthood. They often fear that you will not be able to overcome the age qualification.
What is the age limit to higher education

What does the Russian legislation on age restriction for admission to the University

If we turn to the law "On education in Russian Federation" № 273-FZ, there stated, that any citizen of Russia can obtain a higher education, regardless of age. This means that even a person who has retired voluntarily will be able to enroll in their chosen specialty and to get a diploma.

Moreover, if a person - regardless of age - gets its first higher education and successfully passes the entrance exam, he will be trained along with all absolutely free, moreover, with good indicators of development of science, he will receive a government grant.

There are many examples of how people even at the age of 75 to receive an education. This suggests that in elderly or retirement age may be no problem to go to College and get a degree in Russia and abroad.
But, unfortunately, there are occupations that have restrictions in terms of age because of potential health problems. So, pilots can only be healthy people who do not have contraindications and chronic illnesses, and it follows that a person of advanced age, for example, painful heart will not be able to hand over the documents and get an education in this specialty.

Age limit for admission in foreign universities

Today also it became fashionable to get an education in the vast native land and abroad. There go to "gnaw granite of science" not only young students but also older people seeking to obtain second higher education in world famous institutions. For example, for admission to the Czech University there is no age restriction for admission of students, can only be problems with obtaining student multiple visa for people over 30 years. So in this case, the older generation, wishing to study abroad should take seriously the preparation of documents.
The Russian incarnation of the Institute of the elderly person is the equivalent of an American high school for the elderly. In the United States first proposed to educate seniors together with students-bachelors.

It is also worth considering that to go to College can only entrants under 18 years of age and have an education equivalent to that of foreign school, in the country in which they plan to study. So Britain will fail immediately after the Russian school to go to College or University because their school program is designed for 13 and 10-11. In the best case you can complete 2-year University students in educational institutions in the country and only then try to enter the higher British school.

Advice 2: How to get free second higher education

Obtaining a second higher education today is not driven by thirst for new knowledge and career necessity or changing jobs. Is there a possibility to get a second degree for free?
How to get free second higher education
You have the opportunity to get a second degree free of charge only in case, if you have a diploma of complete (incomplete) of higher military education. In addition, these benefits can take the advantage of military pensioners or persons, held a service contract. However, they have to act on the budget places on a General basis and then study for 5 years (or 6 in the presence of a two-tier system of education adopted by the University).
If you received the first higher education on a commercial basis, you will be able to enroll in a second degree on a General basis and could go there only on a paid basis, according to the new law "On education".
Receive two or more diplomas of incomplete higher education in various universities for free. But be prepared for the fact that not every employer will appeal to specialist who have not completed any full course on several specialties.
If the University introduced a two-tier system of education, then you can, for free after bachelor or specialist (at another University, a practitioner of traditional forms of learning), go to graduate school in another field also on a budgetary basis.
Work in a state institution for 5 years or more. If the leadership of the Agency deems appropriate the way to improve your skills by acquiring second higher education, you can attend the trainings for free. In addition, this direction you can obtain from private firms in that case she will assume all the costs of your education.
Go to one of the foreign universities to get a free second higher education. However, in order to study and live in another country, you will still need a lot of money.
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