If you have purchased a defective product, you are entitled to get it back and after a 14-day period, and if it was in operation. The statement must indicate the reason for return. If a defective product is submitted for examination, be sure to make before doing this act of acceptance, where you can specify the appearance and condition of the product - the presence or absence of scratches, scuffs, cracks and other defects. You have the right to be personally present at quality control or entrust it to another person to use the video.
Remember that the marketability of the product that you wish to return, must not be broken, the package is saved, there should be traces of use. You must have a passport, its demand is refundable. Contact your Manager and complete a request for refund, which must specify the store data, your data, full name of the product and its cost. To explain the reason for the return not necessarily enough to indicate that the thing does not come or just not liked. In addition, the statement will specify a convenient form for you money back. It can be cash, Bank or postal money order. If the seller refuses to accept your application, send it by registered mail with return receipt requested.
When buying goods over the Internet, i.e., online stores or through television deals, the same laws. If you want to return a product, write to claim letter with a notice period of 7 days after receipt. Do not forget that must be preserved consumer properties and marketability of the product. The seller is obliged to refund you within 10 days after receipt of the claim. When the seller does not provide information on the procedure and terms of return, you have the right to return the goods within 3 months.
You have the right to return, but not approached the goods to the store within 14 days. But there are a number of goods that are not subject to exchange or return it:
- products for treatment at home;
- perfumery and cosmetic goods;
- personal hygiene items (combs, toothbrushes, hairpins, curlers, wigs);
- underwear and hosiery;
- pesticides, agrochemicals;
- weapons, ammunition;
- articles of precious metals;
- animals and plants;
- books, pamphlets, cartographic and sheet music publications, booklets, calendars.
In addition, there is a group of technically complex goods, to return only in case of detection of serious shortcomings. These include:
- vehicles;
- motorcycles, scooters;
boats, yachts, boat engines;
- automatic washing machine;
- refrigerators and freezers;
- computers;
- tractors, tillers, cultivators.