How to return the goods to the seller

Situations in which you want to return the goods to the seller does not have to be linked to the presence of defects and defect from purchase.
Sometimes a buyer can return a quality product to the store.

Under Russian law, to issue the exchange or refund is possible for goods which have not approached the buyer on any criteria. For example, the shape or style, color.

The main thing - to have time to return the item within 14 days. The purchaser must keep receipts for goods (commodities or cash). However, if not, the buyer might invoke the testimony. If we are talking about clothes, she must not be worn and have signs of use. Also the buyer has marketable condition (tags, packaging) and consumer properties of the goods.
In the field of Internet Commerce, the rules of return are somewhat different - items purchased online can be returned within a week.

However, if the seller is no similar goods of other size, it can be returned (in other cases is allowed only exchange of goods). The seller is obliged to return the money to the buyer within three days. The buyer may await receipt of the same goods to the warehouse of the seller.

The list of goods that cannot be exchanged

However, considered the rule does not apply in every purchase. Government decree (latest edition refers to 2012) determined the list of goods that cannot be returned or exchanged. Determine the list of these goods was to protect the interests of the seller and security of future buyers.
Based on the rules of the exchange and return you can't return used items, items without seals and labels, as well as purchased more than two weeks ago.

In the list of non-returnable consists of 14 product groups.

1. Medicines and medical devices. This, for example, medical equipment and devices.

2. Products for personal hygiene. So, you can not return the wig curlers, a toothbrush or a comb. So you should be attentive to their choice.

3. Perfume and cosmetics. It turns out if you do not like the smell of perfume donated, to return them will not work.

4. Goods, measured in meters. Including wire, fabric, flooring, building materials, braid, lace, etc.

5. Are non-refundable knitwear (underwear, hosiery products etc.).

6. Plastic products that come into contact with food. This, for example, utensils, packaging containers, etc.

7. Household chemicals and pesticides (for agricultural).

8. The furniture sets.

9. Jewelry with precious metals and stones, or semiprecious stones.

10. Cars, bicycles, motorcycles, trailers, yachts, agricultural machinery.

11. Technically complex products cannot be return even if they have defects. This applies if they have identified deficiencies are not significant. These include, for example, televisions, cameras, gas equipment, machine tools.

12. Civil weapons, their parts and ammunition.

13. Animals and plants also have to leave, they cannot return back.

14. Printed and non-recurrent publications (calendars, brochures, maps, books, booklets, atlases, albums, etc.).