And still metro in Balashikha to hold promise. We are talking about ground light metro, which will go on the special overpass. It is planned that the route will pass from the Moscow district Novogireevo, through the city Train and Balashikha to be the Terminus. Preparations for this large-scale construction has already started, investors were.

And yet to reach the heading on the metro. For example, the best option is to drive to Kursky station (Kurskaya metro station) and hop on the train to Balashikha. It goes thirty minutes, and once you get to the city center. The disadvantage of such a way to get to Balashikha can be considered that this train goes once an hour. But in busy morning or evening hours this option is the best.

From end metro stations in Balashikha go taxis and buses. Catch a minibus to Balashikha near metro Novogireevo or Shchelkovo. If you need in downtown or in southern areas, it is better to go from the metro Novogireevo. From the metro Shchelkovskaya to go on the bus to Balashikha more convenient for those who need to get to new areas: Amber, Oriental, Alekseevskaya Roshcha.

To get to Balashikha is possible by bus from metro Partizanskaya. Travel time will take longer, because you will have to ride from the subway to the bus on the Moscow traffic jams.