In Russia to enter the University for first degree in this specialty can only be on the exam. As a rule, the list must include Russian language and mathematics, and social studies or history. The final list of exams depends on the institution. As a rule, it indicated on the site.
Many leading educational institutions, you may be asked to undergo some additional competition. For example, to write an essay or to solve a management task. This is done in order to identify the best applicants and provide them with budget places.
Many people underestimate the importance of exam scores, however, is the main indicator of success of the applicant. The higher the total score, the better College you will be able to do. The number of budget places in this profession is decreasing every year because there is a huge offer managers, and the demand for them is small.
Competition is becoming stronger, and therefore, preparing for exams should be harder. The more options you will be able to solve harder and more often you will know the theory, the easier it will be to enroll in this specialty. Exams it is better to decide in advance and start preparing long before delivery. This process is best not to delay.
If your chosen University has a program of preparation for the exam, try to use it. This will significantly increase your chances of admission in the chosen specialty.
Additional tests. They become known in advance, so that they can be prepared. It is best to find a teacher working in the right Institute and to train with him. Even if it won't help you easily cope with the task, you will have some support, which will increase your chances of successful admission.
Special attention should be given to subjects related with management, Economics, marketing, logistics, etc. do Not have to study them thoroughly, just have at least a superficial understanding. Even if the format of the additional test will be predefined, a final job no one knows, so you may need any knowledge.
Inside the University can be exams, on which depends the ultimate specialty. That is, first study all in one program and then, based on the rating, is the distribution. Not the fact that enrolling in management, you will be able to graduate from the University for this profession.
Try at least the first time to study well and complete all tasks. This is your guarantee that you will be able to become a good and competent Manager.