Compulsory subjects when exams are Russian and mathematics. All graduates of secondary schools must pass these items. In principle, these two disciplines, and restricted. But they are usually not enough for the submission of documents to universities. As for the other exams, and their number – each student can choose how many and what exams he has to pass. Among all school subjects, you can choose the exam in physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, social studies, literature, foreign languages, computer science and information technology.
Be guided in your choice should, of course, in specialized subjects related majors or colleges in which the student plans to apply. You need to pre-determine the future training direction, specialty, and learn what items are required for admission to specific institutes or colleges where you plan to apply. Usually the core subjects required to pass not more than one or two. Therefore, along with compulsory student has to write three or four of the exam.
If the specialty for which the prospective applicant plans to submit documents strongly distinguish between them, then these specialized disciplines will need to pass more. For example, if he wants to do and the faculty of architecture and law, he, in addition to the mandatory delivery of Russian and mathematics will be required to pass physics, mathematics and Russian history and sometimes foreign language.
To choose the items you need in advance. Until March 1, the students are required to submit a statement indicating those subjects which they chose to pass the exam. If the student is by this time not yet precisely identified with the institution, which wants to continue teaching, the statement should indicate more of the selected items. If the student changes his mind to take one or more of them, he has the right just not to be for passing the exam, then this exam will not include him in the issuance of the certificate evaluations.