Russian language. This is a mandatory subject for all graduates taking the exam. When crediting points for this item can be folded with all other exams, but it may be so that the Russian language will simply be counted by machine without regard to points.
Literature. This item often is one of the core design professions Humanities, as well as the competition for them is usually high, we should prepare for the exam well. Is literature the University may require, as a core subject Russian history or geography. Depending on the University and the specific designer specialty profile subject can change.
Computer science or mathematics. For some engineering or graphic design professions require a good knowledge of mathematics or computer science, if the design is associated with web resources.
In addition to passing the exam all applicants applying for entry into the design profession, will have a creative contest. If required, applicants need to bring to the admission Committee of the University to its portfolio with the work – drawings, paintings. And certificates for winning in competitions of creativity. A portfolio is not a required element for admission but some universities portfolio in a creative competition, and the work students are assessed and bring them extra points.
After the exam applicants and design professions pass drawing, painting and composition. In some universities there is only one or two of these tests, but usually give up all three. For successful completion of this exam requires specific skills and knowledge: either preparatory courses or specialized art College, or art school. This exam assess specific skills in drawing, painting and composition. No idea about the lineup, the culture graphics, engineering drawing, hatching, linear-perspective construction of this exam is extremely difficult, if not impossible.