Study design remotely. This option is one of the most beneficial and comfortable - you will be able to choose the time of exams and coursework. This service offers Moscow Witte University, international school of design, UNIK (the latter is fully remote University).
If you want to learn in person, to the best of knowledge and information, it is possible to do on a budget in one of the prestigious universities. Moscow state University, Higher school of Economics, St. Petersburg state Polytechnic University are leaders in the field of design.
Less difficult, but more costly way to get a design education will enroll in one of the private universities. The leader of the commercial training in our country is British higher school of art and design, which recently turned 10 years old. The training cost is 250 thousand rubles., but give students the opportunity to perform hundreds of creative works under the guidance and go for an internship in the UK. The graduates of this University are in demand on the labour market.
For people who have no time for long training, with the option of specialized courses. The number of classes you can attend for free. Most of these universities offer additional courses in different areas. This approach is acceptable, if you want to increase your knowledge in a specific field of design: typography, web programming, or interior design programs.