In Russia, the popularity of the second higher education is increasing every year. Second higher education – is not only a way to broaden horizons and to raise their prestige in the eyes of others. Most often, it is a necessary step for career growth.

People who already have a bachelor's, specialist's or master's degree re-enrolled in the training program of bachelor or specialist, can receive the second higher education primarily on a fee basis.

Who is committed to obtaining the second higher education

As a rule, to obtain the second diploma people aged 25 to 45 years. However, they account for 60-70% of the total number of students. The reasons for the man to sit on the student bench, can be very different. Sometimes a higher education is insufficient for successful professional activity. It happens that the graduates of universities there is interest in a new profession, and they begin to learn it. Most often, students receive the second higher education by correspondence or evening study, combining study with active employment.

The most popular destinations for a second training still remain law, Economics, Finance and credit, accounting, marketing, information technology, foreign languages, etc.

Advantages in obtaining the second higher education

Those who want to get a second higher education, has certain advantages. Generally, it is not necessary again to pass the entrance exam, the admission is based on interview or testing. The training period also becomes shorter. Usually it is two to three years. As with the first education, graduates can obtain the qualification of bachelor or specialist.

When hiring a specialist with two higher educations will always look decent in the eyes of the employer. He will be able to quickly move up the career ladder, to combine work in two or more specialties. Besides, it is easier to avoid unemployment, switching from one activity to another. And finally, it will be multi-faceted, all-round personality.

So, if a person has the ability and desire to obtain second higher education, in any case it is not necessary to refuse them.