You will need
  • - school leaving certificate (secondary technical or specialized secondary) education;
  • - a certified copy of the passport;
  • - medical certificate on form 086/y;
  • - certified copy of policy of compulsory medical insurance;
  • - 4 photos of 3×4
Think about whether you have enough strength and ability to master the program in your chosen specialty in a shorter period. If Yes, then refer first to the list of occupations, training for which involves no form of external, as it requires not only theoretical, but also serious practical training and continuous communication with teachers. See whether your chosen destination in the list.
Contact the University which has the state accreditation for training of specialists and has the right to conduct training in the form of external studies in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council. Universities that do not have state accreditation (either GOU or KNOW), are not entitled to discovery of such a form of education.
Prepare and submit to the admissions office of your chosen University required documents. The selection Committee of the University may request other documents (military card, employment record book, etc.).
After successful completion of entrance examinations, make on the prescribed application form addressed to the rector, which ask to transfer you to the externship. The University administration may deny, for example, if your certificate includes the rating "satisfactory", including those not in major subjects, or to defer a decision until the first meeting.
In the case of a positive decision of externship will receive a student card and a record book where in the right corner on the 1st page will indicate "Externship" and assessment plan throughout the training course. The deadlines set by the administration of the University in consultation with the Department of education and other universities, providing training in related specialties, as interim certification of students-external students are being prepared is often held in different educational institutions.
You are entitled to three hours free consultation of University teachers prior to each interim assessment. Besides the theoretical part of the training, you will be able to obtain practical knowledge, for which you will be provided with plans of laboratory studies and referrals for work and pregraduation practice.
Pass all interim exams and prepare for the defence of a thesis. Usually it takes place at the same time as that of the graduates graduating from the University full-time, extramural and evening form of education. The results of the final certification will receive a diploma of higher professional education of the state sample.