What is state Institute

State Institute (University, Academy) suggests that the core funding of higher education institutions is funded from the state budget. For example, the University may be on balance of municipality, province, territory or other subject of the Russian Federation.

Industry specific universities can be funded from the relevant ministries and agencies. For example, the agricultural Institute is on balance of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, or the transport University may be funded from funds of the same Ministry.

In state institutions of higher education usually includes a certain number of budget places for which applicants can enroll on the basis of the results of the final assessment. Training in this case will be free for students, funding comes from the state budget.

What is a non-governmental Institute

Non-governmental institutions, universities, the Academy is a higher educational institution that operate solely on the principle of self-sufficiency. Accordingly, these universities can only offer training on a commercial basis, and funded places in them are not initially provided.
The curriculum in state universities are usually quite conservative – rarely prone to adjustments and experimentation, the students receive education on the well-established standards.

In addition, private institutions are the second feature: after yesterday's students will receive diplomas of the state sample. The latter are not identical to the national diplomas that are issued after training in the public institutions. It is believed that the diplomas of private institutions are less traded than the documents on education in public universities.

Can teaching in a private Institute adversely affect the future career of its graduates

Maybe if a future specialist intends to work in a specific field of activity, it requires specialized education in state institutions. This, for example, public administration, industrial enterprises, agricultural, transport etc.
Non-governmental institutions are not expected to have budget places, and after its completion graduates receive state diplomas.

Today, however, most employers in Russia pay priority attention not on the quality of education of the applicant and his experience in this field. Therefore, except in special cases, there is no fundamental difference to education in public or private higher education institution.