By law in the Russian Universities are allowed to complete higher education without charge (at public expense) only once. At this point you have the option not to finish their studies. In each University there is an intermediate educational qualification. It is known as the "higher education".

Diploma of incomplete higher

In situations where students have not completed the full course of the educational course of the University, but mastered his part for a period of not less than two years of education in the form of full-time get diploma in confirmation of incomplete University education. Otherwise, higher education can be described as training in educational institutions of the highest type, which was left unfinished.

If a person has a diploma certifying higher education, he has a chance to once again become a student of the educational institution of the highest type and to continue, again at public expense.

Academic transcript

If the student graduated from at least two courses a full-time office, he may request in the Dean's office the academic certificate, which is evidence of the fact of passage of training and can be a basis for recovery in the second year of any faculty of a University.

There are cases when a diploma of higher education shall help the academic type. In fact, these two documents are different. In fact the certificate is not evidence of special knowledge, and therefore to work in a profession that was chosen by the student when entering the UNIVERSITY, it does not allow.

The certificate certifies only the fact that training.

Diploma of incomplete higher suggests that the student has acquired some professional knowledge and skills, however a qualifying exam is not passed, though, and passed the required interim assessment during the training period. To accept a candidate for work or not, only solves the employer, the refusal of employment due to the lack of relevant education may be considered illegal.

The undeniable advantage of higher education education is that which is free can obtain knowledge in several disciplines. Diplomas confirming higher education, a person may have several.