What the term means

Since 2007, the concept of "incomplete higher education" was abolished. At the moment this is the wording in the new law on higher education no. The popular expression was the term "higher education". It assumes that the student has not passed a full course of study at the University and received a diploma of completion.
If the student studied for the first semester and satisfactorily tested at least one of the subjects at the first session, he gets the academic reference, which will indicate development of the discipline. If the student was expelled prior to the first session, such a certificate he will not get, as no one subject he did not report. If the student is the listener, the help will contain a list of courses taken, indicating the time spent.
The employer is an important document recording the existence of knowledge in the specialty. If you get a job as a student, you indicate that you have some College education, as in fact the specialist are not.
Employment the majority of employers do not see a significant difference in bachelor's and master's degrees.

The new system of higher education in Russia

According to the Bologna Convention, adopted in 2003, higher education in Russia has become a duplex. All students enrolled in the undergraduate studies last four years. Following the implementation of the curriculum, the student receives a diploma of higher education and has the right to go to work on the received speciality.
The graduate can make a decision on the continuation of studies in my University by submitting the documents to the magistracy in the chosen profile. It gives you the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in chosen specialization after studying two more years and get a diploma on higher education of the second stage.
In the United States only half of students who enroll in College to obtain a bachelor's degree, achieves its purpose. And in Japan examinations during a session is a formality. You can spend days playing tennis and still get a diploma.

Bachelor degree - secondary education

A student who has received a bachelor's degree, is considered a full-fledged graduate from higher education. This document gives you the opportunity to take a position in their specialty. Master degree is considered as full higher education with the possibility of teaching in higher education.