When it's time for the first time to visit a gynecologist

It's time to visit the gynecologist begins at the age of 14-16 years, when the girl has not yet started sexual life or just after it started.
If a girl is something troubling is about to be written to a female doctor. If onset of sexual activity is still not expected, inspection is carried out by a special method or a pediatric gynecologist who has experience with virgins.

If she is planning pregnancy in the first place, she should go to the gynecologist to have it done examination, took a swab and gave her a referral for an ultrasound.

How to prepare for the visit to Dr.

Before going to the gynecologist, you will need to wash and bring clean socks, a diaper or towel. If you do not want the inspection was carried out by tools that are in the clinic, buy disposable gynecological set, it will be a diaper and you don't have to take a towel. In addition to diapers, the kit contains a mirror, gloves for the doctor and a special brush for taking a smear.

Go to the female doctor is best in the first days after menstruation. Before you go to the office, go to the bathroom that your bladder was empty.

How is the reception at the gynecologist

In the beginning of the reception you expect a conversation. The doctor will fill the passport part of your card, and ask in detail about your concerns. You must be completely honest with your doctor, tell him about all my feelings and fears.
You are then asked the date of the onset of sexual activity and the date of the first day of the last menstruation.

After that, the gynecologist should examine your Breasts and make sure there are no seals.

The doctor will ask you to undress and sit on the gynecological chair. It will enter you inside a mirror to see the cervix and take a swab for infection. At this time you should be lying on the couch in a relaxed state with his hands on his chest.
When the doctor allows you to dress up, he will need to do the card some records. Remember what you have forgotten to tell to the doctor was easier to diagnose.

At the end of the visit, the gynecologist will prescribe you the necessary directions for further examination. He also may advise you to drink some drugs. Follow all instructions of your doctor and trust him. Soon you will understand that visiting the gynecologist is an everyday thing, which is not accompanied by painful sensations.