Men love to look at beautiful women. And here is important not the figure, namely, the General picture: beautiful hair, makeup, tight clothing and well-groomed feet. They do not concentrate on the details, and see everything together. And if you want to excite, choose the outfits that will drive him crazy.
If this is a public place, wear something tight. This can be a fitted dress or even pants that accentuate every wrinkle. The chest should also be highlighted, and preferably slightly opened. If you meet the man of the house, you can be more candid. Now in stores sold underwear transparent jumpsuits or mini-dress made from the finest materials. They do not hide the advantages of the female body, and he just couldn't resist.
You can also wear very short nurse's outfit or a maid that is sold in a sex shop. They demonstrate the intentions of the women and provide the opportunity to realize the fantasies that have long been in the mind of the partners. To Supplement these images with beautiful stockings and high heels.
To get a man, you can not only images, but also promises. For example, call his work and tell us what this surprise is. Let your words be confident in what you offer him the most unforgettable evening. Tell us about how prepared, how to choose lingerie as figure out what we will do with it.
Maybe it is worth mentioning the realization of his fantasies? You know what he wants? Tell me what allow me to associate himself or spank that you a good girl or very bad. And after these words he won't have something to focus on. He will think only about you in an easy initiation, and then at the meeting you will embody all that you promised him.
To bring a man and light touches. It can be a dance when you pet him on the back. This can be a gentle movement of the knee, under the table when it comes to his feet. Or even just brazen feeling of his hands. All depends on the location of the events and plans to continue. Remember, because you like it when you hug? Men also love this, so do not deprive them of such a possibility, let us reason to feel a gorgeous lover.