What are you waiting for men

Has long been the custom that the leading role in an intimate conjugal life, and just in the beginning of the relationship belongs to men. As the number of men is much smaller, they used to make a choice between one or another candidate. The women dutifully waited and were OK with that. Now everything has changed dramatically – women are not satisfied with a passive role in life and relationships. They choose one or another man and even "steal" it from opponents - win. But we can say that men don't mind, they like it and even flattered.
They are waiting for, who of the fair sex swifter and better show themselves. Now women share the initiative with men not only in the initial stages of the relationship, but in sex.

Who should take the initiative in intimate life

Most likely, the answer to this question most of us will be equally or alternately. None of the partners will not like it if other will be indifferent, and the second to turn inside out in order to give pleasure. Gone are the days when women were shy to show their sexual experience, and was considered indecent to make the first step to sex with a loved one.

The manifestation of sexual interest in the second half, suggests that the partner to it is not indifferent and wants to get to know him "closer". It can also be the brighter one of the two or more fantasy experience. In any case, there is nothing wrong if two people like each other or more in love. Perhaps it will be someone who at the moment of intimacy will be a good mood and he'll come up with some new nice fun for the second half. Yes and men in our time went a little weird – waiting for something, afraid to make the first move. Therefore, it is often the role of the instigator of sex falls on the female share. The main thing is not to overdo it, and then the man this can cause some complexes and then the initiative from him, ladies, you just will not wait. Although most men still like to "command" in bed – in the sense of the choice of poses and places for intimacy.
But it also happens that the husband comes home tired and very happy to give the reins of the sex of his beloved. However, women also sometimes want to feel weak and tempted.

In General, no matter who will show the first signs of interest in sexual terms, as long as both partners enjoyed it.