You will need
  • Courage, resourcefulness, imagination, charm.
Funny question. This can be any custom question or comment. For example: "Where is nofelet" (we all remember this Comedy-comment - "You pushed me. Oh, it wasn't you, sorry (laughter)", a hoax – "Michael, how glad I am to see you. You are Mike? But I'm still very happy (laughs)." And so on. The funnier, the faster it will understand what it is. If the man is normal, and you like him, then he will begin to act. More will to fight back.
The conversation
Include fantasy. It is possible to lean against him in the subway at rush hour and quietly tied my hair to the button on his jacket. As long as you "solve" this situation, everything goes by itself.
Operation "Skillful hands". Ask your object of harassment to help – to fix, to repair. Better something not very significant. If you are home – after work, invite him to the table, put a bottle of wine. Word for word. Everything goes by itself. If at work, treat coffee as a token of gratitude.
Include body language – be relaxed and free. A smile, a look, a sway of the head. The slipper falls off the foot. Remember the classics: "look in the corner, on the nose, on the subject".
Body language