Advice 1: How much much to excite a guy

Some girls sometimes wonder about how to get a man. To excite a guy, you need to know the secrets of seduction and be able to use them in practice.
How much much to excite a guy

Like very much to excite the guy without touching him?

If you want to bring a young man to a state of strong excitation, you do not have to touch it. For starters, keep an eye on the guy and wait until he notices it. As soon as your eyes meet, pull them sharply to the side, then raise again and continue to watch the representative of the stronger sex for a few seconds. This eye contact is very intriguing men and pushes them to explore. Don't forget about the seductive smile that will be able to spark the interest of the opposite sex.

In addition to real communication, to excite a guy you can use the virtual. You need a little imagination and the writing of a Frank and seductive phrases. You can also choose to entice on the phone. Talking with a young man of quiet but mesmerizing and intriguing voice, send him subtle hints about your desire and need for meetings with this man.

How to get a boyfriend before sex?

If you and your young man are going to have sex, you need to remember that this process is important not the sexual act itself, and the complex touch of two people in love to each other. Before you enter into a relationship with your partner, make it a light erotic massage, touching the most intimate parts of his body. Let the man lie on your back, and you begin to caress his neck, slowly moving to the chest, stomach, thighs. In addition, you can gently massage his penis, using not only hands, but also the language. Oral sex give men great pleasure. If you are shy so Frank goes to cozy, just imagine that the penis is the same part of the body of your beloved, such as the hand or the stomach. Nothing wrong with such caresses are not.

Continue to bring a guy in neat touching each erogenous zone. Guys get Horny from kissing the lobe of the ear, from her biting. Slide the tip of the tongue from the neck, going down to his hips. At this time, do not forget about your hands. You can play with the hair on the head, chest and stomach. Such actions will bring a man to ecstasy, especially if they are accompanied by not only physical contact but also whisper in your ear different gentle phrases, or other blatant things.

Advice 2 : How to excite a guy talking

The conversation stirs sexual desire and cause additional, particularly acute arousal. Not that important what and how you say it. Men it is important to know that the partner is excited. Then they feel good lovers. Words that make you blush even your pillow, will give brightness to your sex life.
How to excite a guy talking
You will need
  • Experience, some honesty and most vivid memories.
Say nice things, including about intimate life. The degree of openness adjust to your liking. One guy will be delighted, from the poetic expressions: "Like a relief your muscles!". And the other from the thoughts expressed directly. Here the key pick up by observation and trial, on the basis of experience.
Comment what you are going to do or are doing. Mention the feelings that you are experiencing from the touch of the partner.
Express words their impressions after sex. Tell your partner that you were especially glad of his actions. And what you wanted to do differently. Discuss feelings, posture, touch. Gradually move into the future: "Imagine we're stuck in the Elevator. Alone in the silence and darkness. I begin to caress you, unbuttoning your shirt...".
Arrange an evening of memories". This method is suitable for couples, combines with a rich sexual experience. Recall the brightest (unexpected, funny moments of your past. "Remember when we were in Cyprus, we went in the water. You pretended that nothing was happening and took off my swimming trunks...". Your significant other will surely connect to the conversation. Discussing forgotten your details, you will not notice how all again.
Ensure the candor of your conversations match the mood of your favorite guy. Think of any symbol, not to go beyond what is permitted. If any of you got this far, the second will use this sign to "slow down". It can be: touch hand to the lips or a kiss.

Advice 3 : How much to excite your partner

A good mistress knows not only how to respond to the initiative of men, but how to show it so he went crazy with desire. This does not have to touch someone, or apply some special affection, although it works fine, sometimes only a couple of words spoken at the right time.
How much to excite your partner
They say that the woman likes ears, but about men just to say that they love the kind of in his fantasies. So sometimes you have to give a reason to men's imagination ran at full speed. You can have nothing to do, the man will come running to you, because he will draw the whole picture in my head. It is enough, for example, send him an erotic message in the middle of the day (be careful, perhaps he wouldn't be able to think about work), leave in the pocket of his costume a note with frivolous content or call him in the late afternoon and casually say something that will start it. "Weak" place your men know every woman! You need to use this knowledge, the more he'll be thrilled.
We tend to think that the female body is more sensitive, while men have one erogenous zone. But it's not. Experiment with your partner, try different types of touch, light and delicate, strong and tough, maybe he'll like patting or pinching? Each person is unique, moreover, the erogenous zones change with time. Don't be afraid to experiment, and caress your partner every time, always trying something new, and it will start bringing the idea of what awaits him this time.
To learn more about how to caress a man's body, it is useful to learn about ancient Oriental writings on the theme of love of the game. In addition, you will learn out many new things about my body too.
Don't forget the "unusual" erogenous zone. For example, the scalp is one of the most powerful erogenous zones, and it is usually underestimated. You can stroke partner gently hold hair or nails in the direction of hair growth. The ears and the skin behind them is also a very tender area that is sensitive to touches and kisses. Biting the ear lobe it is possible to accompany the whispering arousing words. Carefully watch the reaction of the partner, as the too gentle touch can be more like a tickle than a caress.
Breasts and nipples is an erogenous zone not just women, but men too. You can caress his chest, sucking and kissing the nipples, touching them with tongue or anything else, it all depends on your imagination. Nipples harden from excitement not only in women but also in men.
Give him an erotic massage. From usual it differs in several details. First, the therapist, and the one who gets massage, naked. Secondly, you are not only relaxing, but from time to time do not forget to caress him so that the excitement is not passed.
Don't forget, when he embraces you, to caress his back. The area of the spine and between the shoulder blades is the place where the skin is particularly sensitive. This area lasts quite long, very soft skin and is usually closer to the buttocks.
Useful advice
Don't be afraid to be creative and passionate, if a man understands how you like to please him, is able to arouse him more many touches.

Advice 4 : How to excite a guy kiss

Kiss as an important part of foreplay, can be passionate and gentle, light or deep. Peak excitation in young people occurs when they kiss on the lips. It is worth remembering that erogenous zone everyone has their own. If a guy kisses nice Breasts, then the other, they may be unacceptable.
excitement guy kisses
Kiss – intimate part of the game, a prelude to sex. To excite a guy kiss is not so difficult if you know how and where to kiss. It should be remembered that people are all different, and the erogenous zones they have are also different. To find out exactly how to excite a guy kiss have experienced by.

What kissing Horny guys

There is no definite answer to this question. First, how many men, so many sensations of his kiss. Second, there is no universal instruction how to kiss a particular guy. But there are averages on what kind of kiss is exciting. Thus, it is believed that a kiss on the lips brings 10 out of 10 guys. Thus someone excites only a light touch to my lips, and someone – a deep, passionate kiss. Check empirically, what makes the pulse of your guy to become rapid and the blood rushing to the most intimate place.

Tips for excitation

To excite the guy kisses, you need to be able to be "leading". If you took in their hands the initiative, then don't give up. Start the excitement and the conquest of his men with a gentle, tantalizing kisses on the lips, ears, neck. Gradually, when the guy will take your call, kisses to become deeper and more passionate, and your actions more openly and more relaxed.

Kisses in the erogenous zones will be able to bring a guy very quickly. 8 out of 10 guys get aroused by very gentle kiss on the back of the neck from the nape of the neck, collarbone and shoulders. Light touch of lips erogenous spots cause the respiration and pulse more frequent, the skin becomes more sensitive, and the excitement is rapidly growing.

In addition, the initiation should happen from kissing, forget foreplay at the same time. The guys are very excited not just hot kisses but also of parallel strokes and caress in intimate places. For example, the caress of the inner thigh. Such a gesture is very exciting. If your relationship does not allow such a blatant foreplay, while kissing to clasp the boy by the neck or head, gently massaging, whipping hair, burying his fingers in hair.

9 out of 10 guys love the contrasting kisses, which instantly starts. Alternate passionate and deep kisses with gentle and light touch of his lips. Such a contrast quickly sets in an erotic wave. While kissing, do not forget to caress the sky language. According to statistics it is one of the most erogenous parts of the oral cavity in men.
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