Like very much to excite the guy without touching him?

If you want to bring a young man to a state of strong excitation, you do not have to touch it. For starters, keep an eye on the guy and wait until he notices it. As soon as your eyes meet, pull them sharply to the side, then raise again and continue to watch the representative of the stronger sex for a few seconds. This eye contact is very intriguing men and pushes them to explore. Don't forget about the seductive smile that will be able to spark the interest of the opposite sex.

In addition to real communication, to excite a guy you can use the virtual. You need a little imagination and the writing of a Frank and seductive phrases. You can also choose to entice on the phone. Talking with a young man of quiet but mesmerizing and intriguing voice, send him subtle hints about your desire and need for meetings with this man.

How to get a boyfriend before sex?

If you and your young man are going to have sex, you need to remember that this process is important not the sexual act itself, and the complex touch of two people in love to each other. Before you enter into a relationship with your partner, make it a light erotic massage, touching the most intimate parts of his body. Let the man lie on your back, and you begin to caress his neck, slowly moving to the chest, stomach, thighs. In addition, you can gently massage his penis, using not only hands, but also the language. Oral sex give men great pleasure. If you are shy so Frank goes to cozy, just imagine that the penis is the same part of the body of your beloved, such as the hand or the stomach. Nothing wrong with such caresses are not.

Continue to bring a guy in neat touching each erogenous zone. Guys get Horny from kissing the lobe of the ear, from her biting. Slide the tip of the tongue from the neck, going down to his hips. At this time, do not forget about your hands. You can play with the hair on the head, chest and stomach. Such actions will bring a man to ecstasy, especially if they are accompanied by not only physical contact but also whisper in your ear different gentle phrases, or other blatant things.