A condition in which the penis is called an erection. Constant erection, as a rule, characteristic for teenagers. At the age of puberty in young people there is increased sexuality, also called hypersexuality. Is increased blood flow to the sex organ. Meanwhile, a similar condition can be affected not only teenagers. Adult men also may experience persistent erection.

Why is it a constant erection

The most common causes of constant erections — inflammatory processes, trauma genital organs, taking certain medicines, abuse of alcohol and other psychoactive substances (e.g. cocaine), and venereal disease, blood disease (sickle cell anemia, leukemia, and others).

Pathological erection

In addition to the physiological, there is also a pathological erection. Is a condition where the penis rests in a vertical position for more than 3 days in a row. In medicine, this pathology is called priapism. To distinguish physiological from pathological erection is very simple: in case of priapism, the glans remains soft. If men vertical position of the penis due to the excitation, the head of the penis hard.

If the man found the priapism, urgent consultation of the doctor. The results of the examination prescribes the treatment, which can be either conservative or surgical.

What is the danger of a permanent erection

Constant erection fraught with complications. To delay the visit to the urologist is dangerous, because of the constant erection of the penis would be "excluded" from the circulatory system — the blood it stagnates and begins hypoxia. The longer tissues of the member lacking oxygen, the stronger are degenerative changes in the cells. If the attack of priapism lasts more than three days, in the tissues of the penis to happen is irreversible damage, which lead not only to loss of erectile function, but also necrosis (necrosis). In this case the penis becomes bluish tint, and the head becomes black. In this case, the penis has to be amputated.

How to remove permanent erection

The most common way to remove the physiological erection is Masturbation. Ways of Masturbation there is a great variety, everyone chooses the one that is to taste it. If a man has a girlfriend, she could help him "discharge". Way to meet should be enjoyable for both partners, and not to cause painful and other unpleasant feelings.

There is another way. It is more of a "shock" to the body. The method consists in the fact that sex organ exposing the cold. For example, it can be placed in cold water. In addition, you can enter the ice cube in the rectum. This method is effective if prolonged erection occurred in patients receiving drugs.

If priapism, the doctor first tries to solve the problem by using nonsurgical methods. So, can be assigned to the sessions of hirudotherapy and traditional medicine (for example, tincture of hops), special diet, excluding spices and condiments. If such treatment does not yield results, the physician can enter intracavernosa (that is, directly into the penis) weak solution metaraminol. In addition, for more rapid action of the drug, the member will intensively massaged. If effect is not observed, the doctor may administer a drug repeatedly or to perform a venous bypass.