You will need
  • Experience, some honesty and most vivid memories.
Say nice things, including about intimate life. The degree of openness adjust to your liking. One guy will be delighted, from the poetic expressions: "Like a relief your muscles!". And the other from the thoughts expressed directly. Here the key pick up by observation and trial, on the basis of experience.
Comment what you are going to do or are doing. Mention the feelings that you are experiencing from the touch of the partner.
Express words their impressions after sex. Tell your partner that you were especially glad of his actions. And what you wanted to do differently. Discuss feelings, posture, touch. Gradually move into the future: "Imagine we're stuck in the Elevator. Alone in the silence and darkness. I begin to caress you, unbuttoning your shirt...".
Arrange an evening of memories". This method is suitable for couples, combines with a rich sexual experience. Recall the brightest (unexpected, funny moments of your past. "Remember when we were in Cyprus, we went in the water. You pretended that nothing was happening and took off my swimming trunks...". Your significant other will surely connect to the conversation. Discussing forgotten your details, you will not notice how all again.
Ensure the candor of your conversations match the mood of your favorite guy. Think of any symbol, not to go beyond what is permitted. If any of you got this far, the second will use this sign to "slow down". It can be: touch hand to the lips or a kiss.