What words pleasant to the man?

For men very matters own name spoken woman with a gentle tone. You can also speak appropriate adjectives to it, for example: gentle, affectionate, sweet.

Of course, any kind word should be said in the appropriate setting. It is believed that men are attracted to extreme places, and it can be not only elevators, pools, restaurants and other places. Words spoken to this woman in the moment, especially mellifluous men. If a man in a good mood, and he looks at the woman with adoring eyes, at this moment well-chosen words will help her to finally win his heart. Tell him about his masculinity and strength that you've never met anyone more attractive than he is. These words should be said in a soft voice, with a certain intonation and a gasp. Just not worth the replay, because the man just feels false.

It will be useful to recall the most exciting moments of your sexual contact with him and at the right moment to say stimulating, applicable to this case, words. In the imagination of men emerge from those moments of intimacy that were particularly enjoyable. If during sex you whisper in his ear that you are losing him from the head, say the same thing in a more casual setting. Most likely, he remembers an intimate moment with which was associated the phrase, and feel the excitement. These not-so-humble scenes in combination with gentle words will produce the best and desired effect.

What can interfere with sex?

Need to know what to avoid starting any conversation with a man. Any words must be spoken at the right time and place. Never think when your young man of your ex-Boyfriends. Conversations and memories about them not only can get a man but may cause in it negative reaction. Even if you start fighting with your partner, never allow yourself to insult or humiliate him. Your man must know that in any situation you think it most courageous, most strong, handsome, masculine and sexy.

During sex, even to talk on other topics should not be, because your partner cannot have any other distractions.

Unacceptable jokes and laughter in bed. Extremely destructive effect on the atmosphere of intimacy created by any background noise, which can destroy the efforts.