The situation when the penis does not arise, occurs more frequently than the older man. Reasons for lack of erection are many - ranging from medical and psychological ending.

Medical causes all the diseases that can affect the lack of erection. Any medications that a man takes, can also be the cause of fiasco in bed.

The situation when people took a certain dose of alcohol is rather related to psychological. The girl is important in this case to do the right thing and not get the guy to stop, because nothing good such aspirations end. It will just try in vain.

It also happens that a man healthy and sober, but nevertheless all the affection of the girl without success. What to do in this case?

A very important role psychology plays. A place where engaged partners, the situation around the presence or absence of people, light or dark the room is just a few factors that can like or dislike the man. Banal reason of lack of erection can be simple fatigue.

If you feel that your partner is experiencing any problems, just talk to him. Don't raise your tone is most important. A man is not to blame for the fact that his sexual organ behaves in a similar way. The most important thing is to figure out what went wrong. Following is an example: you caress it gently, and he prefers a more rigid affection. As a result of your "head" is not enough.

Do everything in your power in order to eliminate the lack of erection. Remember: sex should be only for love. If you love your partner, you can always find the compromise that will suit both of you.

If you find that your partner is bothered about something, get tested. Your actions must be completely subordinated to the instructions of the attending physician.