To increase male potency and sexual desire, use the tools that are given by nature. That is, those foods and spices that are aphrodisiacs. To increase the desire men are using medication, including hormone therapy. But any medication has not only positive but also negative properties (side effects).
Follow the eating men. Since ancient times it has been observed that men in the diet which often included meat or fish, were sexually active men who, for various reasons, sat on a vegan "diet". Indeed, some types of meat and fish (especially sea) are rich in substances that contribute to the increased production of testosterone.
Don't forget about the sweet. For men it is useful to use honey, especially in the form of various mixtures. For example, with crushed walnut kernels. The ancient Greeks and Romans paid great attention to fresh herbs, especially parsley. Parsley is a strong aphrodisiac. Parsley can be eaten as a separate dish, and as additives to other dishes, including, to the honey-walnut mixture. It will be much more useful effect.
Treat your man to dark chocolate. It is good not only as a delicacy but also as a stimulant. Because it contains powder of cocoa beans, which since ancient times used the people of some tropical countries.
Aphrodisiacs are some exotic fruits, especially avocado. It contains large amount of vitamin B6 is absolutely necessary for testosterone production.
Don't forget the seasonings, the spices. They are available to almost everyone, because the are inexpensive and used in small quantities. Cinnamon, ginger, vanilla - this is not a complete list of spices that help to reinforce male power and the awakening of desire.
You can also mention the black coffee. This drink has always been famous as a good stimulant.
If you want to awaken the desire without the use of any food, consider the technique of seducing men. For example, do a light erotic massage with aromatic oils.
Stormy night is provided to you, if you get a man. For example, during the day you will write him messages about his sexual fantasies. Rest assured, the man to this day never got to work.