Sleight of hand

Manual affection you may hold for both right and left hand as preferred. Keep in mind that the sense of the man from the actions of the less dexterous hand are a bit different. To bring partner to ecstasy, first of all, let's define posture. Take, for example, the man on top and Pat his both the lips and brush. No less comfortable and pose "spoons" - you both need to lie on your side, and you should be placed behind the partner to caress his hand from the front.
Free sliding

Penis does not produce natural lubrication, so during foreplay use a special gel lubricant. It must be enough to hand freely slid. But do not take a large amount of lubricant, otherwise frictions will not be felt.
Female mistakes

There are two the most common mistakes committed by women in trying to bring your man to ecstasy: women are either afraid to touch the penis, causing the man almost feels nothing, or, conversely, are too rough, causing a partner pain. Therefore, to get a man to have fun, make a clear and confident movements.
Theory and practice

By moving, watch the reaction of men and do not hesitate to ask him about feelings, if it it is not visible. In addition to movements up and down, compress the surface with the male sexual organ by hand similar to the expander or Pat the head slightly bent brush. Alternate rhythmic and rapid movements slow and calm, to create a certain effect of surprise.
Additional techniques

If you wish to delay the ejaculation (approaching an erection you will feel a current of sperm at the base of the penis), grasp and firmly squeeze the penis between your thumb and forefinger, as a result, the male orgasm will come later. Weasels don't limit yourself only to that area. Partner can have fun if you stimulate the scrotum, testicles, the area around the anus. Parallel to Pat the man's tongue and lips.