A huge role in increasing male potency plays a balanced diet. Need to menu men consisted of food protein, and "good fats". Allowed to eat a relatively small amount of carbohydrates. The level of the main male hormone – testosterone can increase with walnuts, spices and fresh dairy products. Also, the increased potency may provoke active the consumption of asparagus, spinach and celery. In some cases, may help sunflower seeds, mixed with honey or milk, fat content exceeding 3.2 percent.
A sedentary lifestyle and are often associated with excess weight also adversely affect male potency, it is therefore to improve the situation you need to play sports. Jogging, Hiking and swimming will be an excellent prevention of diseases of the reproductive system. In addition, there are special exercises that help to increase the potency. During their performance you will need to alternately stretch and relax the muscles of the perineum. Plus these exercises is that they will not require making any special effort, and they can be performed imperceptibly. Positively influence the development of the muscles of the perineum are frequent trips to the Bicycle or use the stationary bike.
Also to improve the potency you can use the herbal medicine that entails the intake of teas, infused with herbs and medicinal tinctures. The huge popularity of tincture of ginseng, which can be bought at any pharmacy. It must be taken three times a day 30 drops, 30 minutes before a meal, and the third time the infusion is best taken within 5-6 hours of bedtime as it has a tonic effect and can cause insomnia.
In some cases, the cause of sexual problems in men is stress and nervous overstrain, and if a man will not learn to get rid of them, he can earn impotence. The easiest way of getting rid of stress is sports, especially helps in this situation yoga.
It should be noted that traditional methods can help men get rid of impotence problems that arise infrequently. In that case, if a person is a pathological disruption of the reproductive system, its better to consult a specialist and use traditional methods of treatment.