Sexual assault

With this type of guys the girls often have to take the initiative in their hands, so it is useful to know different ways on how to bring a man before sex.
Ways to bring the guy a lot - most importantly, use the imagination.

One option is the "surprise attack". This method is similar to the sexual game: you come without warning to the young man, strip him of his t-shirt or sweater to free his head, but not hands out of the sleeves, thereby leaving them behind "victim". The guy is unarmed before your caresses.

Now you can slowly kissing his torso, going lower and lower. Unbuttoned his pants, you can begin to caress his penis, before such energetic sexual actions will not stand no man.

Devious seduction

Another way to excite a guy before sex begin to caress him, distracting him from his classes. No matter what he does, does TV, does the game your task is to seduce him and have sex. Go back, start to whisper in his ear something erotic and even obscene.

You can make it clear to him that you have no underwear and are ready to surrender to him here and now, touching his hand to his private parts. Ocypete his neck with passionate kisses, pokusavate earlobe and spend passionate movements through the hair. You can start to undress, not taking his beloved languorous, inviting look. He will not stand against such a passionate tigress.

The dance of passion

Men love with their eyes. Therefore, another way to initiate a choice - to hit its beauty. Learn a simple dance. If time for training is no, then dance as best they can, most importantly, make your moves were smooth and sexy. Do more waves and swaying hips, men like it very much.
Do not hesitate to take the initiative in their own hands, often men love it when they are run in bed.

Choose beautiful music for your dance, wear sexy lingerie, stockings and high heels, paint her lips with red lipstick. Thus the insidious socratically, "bad girls" you will bring in your sexual life a new feeling and a burst of passion.