They say that the woman likes ears, but about men just to say that they love the kind of in his fantasies. So sometimes you have to give a reason to men's imagination ran at full speed. You can have nothing to do, the man will come running to you, because he will draw the whole picture in my head. It is enough, for example, send him an erotic message in the middle of the day (be careful, perhaps he wouldn't be able to think about work), leave in the pocket of his costume a note with frivolous content or call him in the late afternoon and casually say something that will start it. "Weak" place your men know every woman! You need to use this knowledge, the more he'll be thrilled.
We tend to think that the female body is more sensitive, while men have one erogenous zone. But it's not. Experiment with your partner, try different types of touch, light and delicate, strong and tough, maybe he'll like patting or pinching? Each person is unique, moreover, the erogenous zones change with time. Don't be afraid to experiment, and caress your partner every time, always trying something new, and it will start bringing the idea of what awaits him this time.
To learn more about how to caress a man's body, it is useful to learn about ancient Oriental writings on the theme of love of the game. In addition, you will learn out many new things about my body too.
Don't forget the "unusual" erogenous zone. For example, the scalp is one of the most powerful erogenous zones, and it is usually underestimated. You can stroke partner gently hold hair or nails in the direction of hair growth. The ears and the skin behind them is also a very tender area that is sensitive to touches and kisses. Biting the ear lobe it is possible to accompany the whispering arousing words. Carefully watch the reaction of the partner, as the too gentle touch can be more like a tickle than a caress.
Breasts and nipples is an erogenous zone not just women, but men too. You can caress his chest, sucking and kissing the nipples, touching them with tongue or anything else, it all depends on your imagination. Nipples harden from excitement not only in women but also in men.
Give him an erotic massage. From usual it differs in several details. First, the therapist, and the one who gets massage, naked. Secondly, you are not only relaxing, but from time to time do not forget to caress him so that the excitement is not passed.
Don't forget, when he embraces you, to caress his back. The area of the spine and between the shoulder blades is the place where the skin is particularly sensitive. This area lasts quite long, very soft skin and is usually closer to the buttocks.