Wake up early take a refreshing shower and RUB the body cosmetic milk with his favorite scent. Dress in a beautiful silk nightgown and try to Wake him up with kisses and touches. When there's no need to rush to work in the morning, have the opportunity to enjoy his embrace and relax in bed.
Not in a hurry to lay, leave languished spouse back to bed and go to the kitchen. Even if it never requires a hearty Breakfast, know that no man will never refuse a good piece of meat, especially after it spent so much effort. Take a piece of tenderloin or thick edges, cut a few pieces, sprinkle with pepper, salt and herbs. On a hot frying pan pour vegetable oil, fry the meat on both sides. Instead of a side dish perfect coarsely chopped fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, can be put on a plate of hot sauce, not only stimulating appetite.
This unconventional Breakfast involves non-traditional morning drink. You still stay at home and not in a hurry? Bottle chilled dry red wine will be a great addition to meat and prostimulirujte your feelings.
Relax after Breakfast will help light erotic massage. To make it on a hard surface. Mix the oil massage and aromatic. Smells can awaken sensuality. An additional incentive for this will become more and massage. Start with the neck area, descending along the spine to the feet, then return to the buttocks and massage them – many men have this erogenous zone.
After the massage, you can decide whether to stay and continue in bed, nice idling, or go for a walk. In any case, good shape and good mood for the next week you provided.