General information about HIV infection

The disease is not contagious through casual contact, can become infected through the womb of an infected mother, blood (transfusion, non-sterile instrument, skin lesions) and sexually. First symptoms — weakness of the body, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes. For the treatment of HIV infection produce special medicines, which are used since 1996. In Ukraine since 2004, the medicines are free. Vaccine for HIV does not yet exist. For round-the-clock national helpline for HIV and AIDS 0 (800) 500 45 10, you can get advice and answers to questions about disease. The right treatment will not let go of the disease to AIDS.

The offices of trust in Kharkov

In many cities and regional centers of Ukraine there are offices of trust, where by law everyone is obliged anonymously and for free to be tested for HIV infection. These offices work at specialized AIDS centers.

The result of the HIV test can be positive, negative, and doubtful. The last option means that all markers of the virus is in the blood.
In Kharkov the analysis take in the Regional Center of prevention and fight against AIDS, which is located at street Fight, 6 at the metro station "Marshal Zhukov". Laboratory open daily, except Sundays, from 08:00 to 15:00. Reception phone (057) 392 29 83, the number of the reception — (057) 392 09 08. Questions and complaints can be sent to your e-mail address — In the official website you can see the rules and schedule of the medical center.

Each polyclinic at the place of residence takes a HIV antibody test. If there is a fear that everyone will know about the testing or about his positive outcome, in Ukraine there is a law which provides for criminal liability of health professionals for the disclosure of patient's diagnosis.

Private clinics, host analysis

Medical center of diagnosis and treatment of "La Vita Sana" doing the HIV test. The procedure costs 200 hryvnias. The clinic is located at the other tractor, 126, telephone — (057) 364 05 23.

At Chernyshevskaya str 27 is an Anonymous office No. 2, where they conduct in-depth complex examination. Here it is possible to take an HIV test. Phone office — (067) 911 85 54, where you can learn the schedule of the lab and how much is analysis.

For positive and suspect reactions, the period of issuance of analysis is increased to two weeks.
In Kharkov there are several laboratories "in vitro" - on Lenin Ave. and them. Freedom and the streets Heroes of Labour and Sumy. Single reference medical practices — 0 (800) 50 90 90. The cost analysis is 75 UAH 15 UAH will be charged for the taking of blood from a vein. The analysis will be ready within 4 working days.