Advice 1: How to determine the gender of fish-parrot

The parrot-fish is a popular denizen of home aquariums, has received its name due to the fact that her front part of the head with a sloping forehead and a small mouth resembles the beak of a parrot. These fish are active and undemanding, can make a game, it gained the love of aquarists. If you want to breed parrot fish, you should be able to determine their gender to get the male and female.
How to determine the gender of fish-parrot
The most frequent guest in aquariums is the red parrot. This beautiful fish can be red, orange, and lemon colors. After a period of adaptation she's getting to know the owner and even trying to communicate with him through the front wall of the aquarium.
To distinguish males from females in this type of fish is not easy, sexual dimorphism, they have expressed not clearly. It is best to determine the sex of the fish, upon reaching puberty, which occurs around the age of one and a half years.
Unlike most fish, the male fish parrot larger than females. In addition, color in males is brighter and richer than the more faded the females.
Note the tail fin of a fish-parrot. In females the ends of the fins are more rounded, while the ends of the fin in males is pointed.
Fish-parrots choose a permanent couple, so don't plant out or sell fish that have reached puberty and decided on the choice of a partner.
Before spawning fish-parrots make a shelter, digging preventing them from algae. If you value the landscape in your aquarium, it will be better if you ask the fish spawning grounds. Put a narrow stone at an angle of 45 degrees near the spray of the compressor. If you noticed that parrots began to clean the stone, then you have prepared a place they liked.
To from eggs hatched the fry, need to replace ten to fifteen percent of the water distillate, and to lower the pH to 6.8.
Red parrot – farmed hybrid, so many males sterile. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine when buying Pets.
Useful advice
Fish-parrots are famous for their bright color. However, juveniles born to a nondescript gray. Bright color they acquire months to five.

Advice 2: How to determine the name of the flower

Many people find a hobby that allows them to relax and unwind after work. Someone is music, dancing and cross stitching, and some had flowers. It's hard to imagine the easiest way to decorate your apartment than buying a house plants. The only problem is that it is not easy to determine the name of a particular flower.
How to determine the name of the flower
For bought or received a gift of a flower does not withered and delight you with their blooms, you need to properly care for it. Before doing this find out the name of this plant. Make it pretty easy.
In that case, if you decide to buy flower by yourself, ask him about the name and characteristics of the seller. He may even be able to give you some useful tips on plant care. When you give flowers in pots, look at his bottom. Often the manufacturer has a special sticker, which gives a brief information on this plant.
If fortune did not smile, get a flower of their own. To do this, take special encyclopedia of house plants and fan them. If you have not found a similar flower, try to find the information you need on the Internet. Most likely, you will find not only photos of this plant, but also information about its origin, growth, etc.
In order to expand their knowledge, read the appropriate section on forum florists. Here you can ask questions, seek advice and ask for help. With this purpose, register on the site and wait a bit.
In that case, if you failed to recognize the name of the flower, take a picture of it, go to the nearest flower shop and ask the sales assistant. Even if he can't answer the question, he has the ability to check a plant in the catalog.
Whatever it was, especially exotic plants must attract the attention of professional growers of flowers and florists. So try to find a phone number or email address of the person and send him photos of your new green friend.
It is not necessary to spend time reading huge articles about certain plants. Just start with search pictures of flower, which is most similar to your house plant.

Advice 3: How to know the sex of fish

Aquaria – an interesting hobby, but for the beginners it is advisable to purchase the most common and undemanding to maintenance of fish. But if you want them also to breed, the ability to distinguish gender is necessary.
How to know the sex of fish
Gold fish (vualehvostki, telescopes, livingonlove, comet, etc.) Pay attention to the shape of the abdomen: if it is rounded, then you have most likely female. But some of the fish having an elongated body, like that of comets in this way to distinguish gender is almost impossible. Look at the front fins, the males have notches, in addition, in the mating season on his Gill covers there are cusps.
Live-bearing fish (guppies, mollies, platies, swordtails, etc.) the Male guppies have brightly colored, have beautiful long tail and fins. Females, on the contrary, nondescript. Swordtails have elongated in the form of one or two swords of the caudal fin. All zimorodok are distinguishable by gonopodia – body for fertilization of females.
To determine the gender of the skalyariy difficult, although there are some differences - the male is brighter and has a slightly convex forehead, but it does not give 100% certainty. Better choose the right formed a pair of angelfish usually find a life partner for yourself at a young age.
Gourami is also hard to distinguish. Look at the shape of the dorsal fin. In males it is more pointed. After reaching fish genderthe new maturity can be seen as a male courting a female.
The gourami is already in 1.5-2 months, get a bright color, which can determine gender of fish. Males have a pointed fin on the back and red antennae. The female, on the contrary, the fin is rounded, and the antennae yellow. During courtship, the male becomes much brighter and chasing the female, then builds a nest of air bubbles.
To distinguish catfish, you first need to determine which subspecies is in question pertains to fish. If this is difficult, look at the dorsal fin. In some males it is high, luchevidnye, and the female rounded. Another note on the pectoral fins, the males of some subspecies are notched or fin sharp. In addition, if you look at the fish from above, the female will stand out thickened abdomen.
Bettas are very beautiful aquarium fish, males are much more intensely colored, and the fins much longer than in females. In addition, if you get two males, it to live peacefully in the same aquarium, they will not, it is because their names are still fighting fish.
Barbs (Sumatran) have elegant floorsOATUU color. On the dorsal and anal fins of the males is a bright red border, at females it is transparent, faded.
Useful advice
To learn more about these and other fish can be one of the sites at the aquarium or purchase specialized literature.

Advice 4: What types of fish hold fish neon

Fish-neon is a very popular aquarium fish. In natural habitats fish neons prefer stagnant water or slow current. It is a peaceful schooling fish, which are fairly easy to keep at home. They are beautiful and unpretentious. Here only it is necessary to know who the neon fish get along, and that larger species of fish can begin to eat.
What types of fish hold fish neon
Content features

Try to bring the conditions of detention of fish to natural. That is, refrain from bright lighting, keep the water temperature 18-28 degrees. Create shaded areas.

Fish like neons large number of hanging roots, live plants, rocks, driftwood and other hiding places. They often swim in water.

These fish are peaceful, active and playful. They grow to 4 inches, they have a bright color, because of this, they often become prey for more aggressive fish. Therefore, it is important to learn what fish get along with the neons. In addition, we must remember that fish like to live in packs so many different species to settle in one tank is not recommended.

Neighbors for neons

Choose fish neon peace-loving neighbors. They get along well with bottom fish, for example, with the catfish. In the aquarium they each other do not interfere, each living in a personal space. This neighborhood will also be useful - neon usually eat food in the water column, not picking up fallen. Therefore, we need individuals living on the bottom, then the feed won't pollute the water. For this purpose, suitable and corydoras Panda. Even neons get along with Danio, guppy, minors.

Advice 5: Why goldfish lying on bottom of aquarium

If you see that fish lying on the bottom of the aquarium, do not hurry to get upset. The presence of the disease in this case is not necessary. This behavior may be due to a number of factors.
Fish on the bottom

Normal behavior

Each species of aquarium fish has unique habits and behavior. Seen on the bottom of the aquarium catfish, for example, is unlikely to cause concern to its owner. These fish most of the time in shelters, unable to burrow in gravel and simply look at the bottom of your home.
The reason that fish lying on the bottom of the aquarium can be wound. Try to carefully inspect her body. The fish it is best to transplant into a separate container and provide it with maximum care.

The loach and cichlid – fish who like to relax at depth after eating. In addition, these species of aquarium inhabitants are very inquisitive, so the gravel for them – exciting environment that is necessary to explore and study.

Most species of fish during the day prefer to stay just at the bottom of the aquarium. If you sharply turned on the light and saw the commonplace dream fish, then the cause for concern is not to look.

In addition, when transplanting to a new aquarium fish can also quite a long time to hold on the bottom. Addiction happens gradually, so I should prepare for the fact that even active creatures may be frightened to pull over to the gravel.
One of the most common causes of a mass congestion of fish on the bottom of the aquarium is overeating. Study additional information about feeding, and if necessary, consult with experts.

The condition of the aquarium

If the fish that live in your aquarium, no different benthic lifestyle, but always falls in the lower part of the container, special attention should be paid to water conditions and efficiency of equipment for its cleaning. Likely that the cause of the deterioration of water quality are of failure or incorrect settings of cleaners and heaters.

The temperature in the aquarium should not exceed 25 degrees. Otherwise, the fish will be cooled at the bottom. If the water is too cold, the inhabitants of the aquarium can experience discomfort in the form of fatigue. To be on the surface of the water or to move around the perimeter of the aquarium, they just can not physically.

The behavior of the fish

The disease fish, often lying on the bottom can be identified by many symptoms. Try as you closely observe their behavior.

If the fish rubbing against gravel, side or stomach, this can be considered as the first sign of their disease. Stationary behavior of an active resident of the aquarium may indicate his imminent death. In the presence of such symptoms fish it is necessary to isolate from the main group and try to cure additional supplements to the basic diet.

Dysfunction of the swim bladder – the most common cause of a sharp deterioration in the condition of the fish. To swim with this disease it is very difficult, which leads to a constant presence on the bottom of the aquarium.
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