To determine the place of blood donation for AIDS. It may be an ordinary district hospital or any private medical centre. If you need anonymity, please contact better paid provision of medical services, they are not interested in disclosure of results, after everything is paid, and this is important.
A few days before blood donation and, especially, the date limit consumption of fatty foods. Eat all low calorie, no fat content. Sweet is also better not to eat. If the blood will be high levels of glucose, fat and cholesterol, the result may be a false positive.
On the appointed day leave for blood donation for HIV. And now, a little bear, the result you'll learn not earlier than a few days or even two weeks. This is due to the process of blood tests, which you cannot speed up.
If the analysis came back negative, to control the turn again in a few months and then a year later. This scheme will surely help to identify the presence or absence of disease.