You will need
  • - cell phone or Internet access;
  • - the target number.
Go to menu of your phone, this is done by pressing a key under the word "Menu" on the display of your phone. Usually it is in the center of the bottom. Further, from the list of items, select "Messages". When you went into it, and select "New message".
After these steps you have a mobile phone opens an input window, there enter the desired text. To enter you can by clicking on the desired button, and using the T9 system (predictive text input). To enable this you need to go to the option "Functions", then "Advanced" and find "Settings " predictive", then save changes.
After you have compiled the text that you want to send, click on the option "Transfer". Then the phone will prompt you to select a recipient, i.e. who need to transfer a text message. You can enter number yourself or select a number from the phone's contact list. After these steps, click "Send".
There are times when you urgently need to send a message, and the phone balance is zero. To do this you have to know which operator the person you want to send an SMS. You can tell by the first four digits (usually they are specified on the websites of the operators).
Go online using any search engine (Yandex, Google, Mail, etc.) to locate the cellular operator. Go to the site it is likely to be the first in the list. And on the operator's page, find the tab "Send SMS".
You will see two entry boxes. In the first write the number of the recipient the second the message text. Don't forget to subscribe. Then click "Send". The message is transmitted.