To send in different ways: by mail, via courier delivery. But mailed a package may travel from two weeks to one month, and courier delivery is not cheap. If you want to send something to your loved ones quickly and not have to pay for the parcel by a significant amount, you can use the services of conductors.

Sending via Explorer: how to do?

To pass the parcel through a conduit is easy. It is necessary to learn the schedule of trains that pass through the desired city. This can be done directly at the station, call the dispatcher or looking at any resource on the Internet, offering the sale of tickets. Idea you must choose (if possible) the most convenient flight, that person did not have to go parcel late at night.

You must then collect the parcel, but so that it can be easy to unzip and show the contents of the guide. To seal the package after the inspection, which is necessary to bring the Scotch. In the administration it is necessary to attach a sheet of paper on which is written the name and contact information of the recipient.

On the platform you need to arrive early. Choosing a moment when the conductor's not busy checking tickets, you should contact him to explain the request. In that case, if he agrees to negotiate the cost of the service and to find out his name. The conductor needs to be explained, someone will come for the premise, it is possible to describe a person or to devise some sort of code word. This code and data, including the name of the train, car number, name of conductor, date and time of arrival must inform the recipient of the parcel. Do not be upset if the handler refuses to take the parcel, and quickly go to another.

At the right time relative or friend, you will only need to approach the car and pick it up.

The pros and cons of the transfer of the parcel via Explorer

This method of transfer has its pros and cons. The obvious advantages include speed of delivery. The package will be in the way as much as you need to train to overcome the distance from point A to point B. the advantages of the transmission conductor can be attributed to the cost, which in any case will be lower than in case of courier delivery.

A significant drawback in this case is the risk of losing the package, because trust it will have a stranger. In order to protect yourself, you should know the full name, telephone number, conductor and record the serial number of the car (it is specified by the paint on his side).