You will need
  • - computer with Internet access.
Open your e-mail Inbox to send a message from email to phone. Enter the text of the letter, please note that the maximum number of characters in one SMS cannot exceed 70, if you type a message in Cyrillic.
Next, enter in the to field, the recipient's phone number in the international format, for example, +38066*******, then put a sign "dog" and enter the name of the server the messages provided by the mobile operator. For example, to the Ukrainian operator "MTC" server address
In the to field enter the following address to send SMS from email to the phone operator Kyivstar: +38 "operator Code" "phone Number" Click the "Send" button. Use for sending SMS messages with e-mail list servers on the website The list includes most operators of the CIS countries.
Use for sending SMS messages from email program Mail.Ru Agent, if your mailbox is on the server To do this, follow the link and download it to the computer the installation file "Agent."
Install the application. Before sending SMS to your phone, make sure that the person is a contact mobile number. Browse through the list of contacts, if next to the name icon is displayed, it means the number specified. You can add contact number.
Select a user from the list, click the name twice. In the opened window go to the tab "SMS", enter the message text. Select from the list the number to which you send a message with e-mail. Note that in this program the maximum length of Russian-language messages is 36 characters, and Latin – 116. Click "Send". When writing messages you can use smileys.