You will need
  • - the direction of the analysis of the municipal health clinic or AIDS center;
  • - medical insurance policy;
  • - passport;
  • - money.
After learning about the presence in the body of a virus one of the hepatitis, an acute inflammation of the liver, will receive a referral for a free initial examination to the hepatologist. It takes in district or regional polyclinic on a residence. To take such a direction can also be in urban or regional AIDS centre.
If you want to preserve the anonymity of the study, contact one of the commercial medical centers licensed to such tests. For example, "Invitro", "Sitilab" or Ditrix.
Come to the lab. The study for the presence of antibodies to antigens of hepatitis b virus produced a rapid and conventional method by taking blood from the hand in the area of the bend of the elbow.
When testing for the presence of hepatitis C come to the laboratory no earlier than six weeks after the presumed date of infection.
In a day or two after giving blood will get on hand information about the results of the study. About the readiness of samples taken in a commercial lab, you will be informed via sms. Finally I can send also by e-mail.
After receiving confirmation of the diagnosis of "chronic hepatitis" and defining it, go immediately to a hepatologist and take direction in the secondary analyses. Find out the possibility of treatment, including free.
Hepatitis With hand markers on the viral load, to determine the concentration of virus in the body, PCR, polymerase chain reaction, used to determine the quantity and quality of the virus showing the likelihood of cure ILB 28B, interleukin-28 beta. Also do fibroscan and FibroTest that determine how damaged the liver, started her fibrosis, and at what stage it is in.