You will need
  • - surgeon;
  • - therapeutic exercises.
For coalescence of bones after a fracture, no exact dates not established. Bones are fused individually, and the process is faster the stronger the body. Young people and children fractures heal faster than elderly patients. Standards in such matters no. Sometimes bones heal in a few weeks, sometimes a couple of months. In some especially severe cases, bones can grow together at all for a year and a half.
Not always the treatment of fractures depends on the age. The importance and the General condition of the patient the level of strength of the immune system, existing chronic diseases. Time frame for bone healing depends on what kind of concrete fracture, as in this area of injured soft tissue, what is the state of bone fragments, blood flow in areas of the fracture, how well the operation was performed, if the addition and the bone fixation was performed surgically.
To accelerate fusion of bone after fracture, it is important the right attitude of the patient to treatment. Normally after casting, the doctor says what time it is staged. At this time it will be necessary to provide good care to the location of the fracture. For example, if a broken arm or leg, the limb should not be too intense to move – so fragments can become dislodged, and the healing of the bone may be incorrect. With every awkward movement the process of accretion and slowed the recovery.
The fracture will heal better and faster if the patient is actively moving and enjoys a broken limb – of course, within reasonable limits. If you keep a limb immobile, fusion not only slow down, but complications can occur – bedsores, for example. But it should be remembered that excessive mobility is not less harmful – bone fragments may be displaced, which slows down or even eliminates the final fusion.