It argued that the sign the guy in the phone under his name is not original. In fact, many men don't like it when girls call them various pet names: kitty, Bunny, elephant, etc. is more important For them to feel his manhood in all its manifestations.

So if your guy in live communication obviously do not like the nickname, coined by you, then use them in the phone book of the mobile phone respectively not worth it.

Very beautiful name, written in Latin. You can use this technique to highlight a guy among other names recorded in the book of the mobile phone.

The gentle sound for each person is the sound of his own name. You probably like to say and to see the name of the man to whom you feel a warm feeling.

Try not to "murder" the guy's name, adding diminutive suffixes. Any name can be written in short or full form. It all depends on how you are accustomed.

If you sign a guy named without different cute "catchphrases", you will notice that how nice it would be to read this name again and again.

Where is the line of originality?

Think about what word you use most, and turning to your guy in person. Do not worry as signature to use "unoriginal" name. Sometimes the girls in the pursuit of their individuality and personality of the relationship forget that the first thing they want to do right by yourself and your young man, and not to others. It is not necessary to overreact and come up with an extraordinary name.

The signature in the phone can be expressed by an adjective or noun, and sometimes contain the whole phrase of two or three words. Words such as "mother," "beloved," "my" combined with banal "cat", "cat", "man" will bring more joy to you and your boyfriend than "schmoopie" and the like.

Remember, the only way to find out what it is like to your man is to ask him directly.

Other features of the phone

An incoming call from your man, you can choose the music that you have in common. This may be your overall favorite song or melody that played when you met.

Surely your cell phone, in addition to functions write the name in the phonebook, has a number of other possibilities. For example, the ability to deliver to a certain number a photo and a melody.

As the pictures choose the picture you like the most. It can be single or shared with you photos. In any case, it should fill you with the warmest feelings.

You can also complete the overall picture a favorite song that will play only at the moment when your calling young man.

All these little things, though they seem insignificant, actually, they fill the life with bright memories.